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1 Blush the color of embarrassment2021Textir_htoa
2 Effortful upward pitch glide as a predictor of non-volitional swallow function in individuals with upper versus lower motor neuron lesions2020Textir_htoa
3 Text analysis of suicidal thoughts and behaviors in adolescents and young adults2021Textir_htoa
4 The importance of resolution with UAV remote sensing and structure from motion2020Textir_htoa
5 Motivations to participate in the diabetes prevention program among overweight and obese women planning pregnancy2021Textir_htoa
6 Movie Night: a creative analysis2021Textir_htoa
7 Explaining and evaluating the use of RDMA in high performance containers2022Textir_htoa
8 Non Belli Finis?2022Textir_htoa
9 False hearing and the N400: the effects of linguistic context on language perception2021Textir_htoa
10 Relative: Identity, Portraiture, and Human ConnectionTextir_htoa
11 Goff Trailblazers - U of U Health Sustainability SolutionTextir_su
12 Susac Syndrome2022ehsl_novel_novel
13 Impact of ride-hailing services on travel behavior2022-06Textir_etd
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