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1 Chalk Art2020Imagewc_cdc
2 Interview with Students during a Global Pandemic2020-11-10Text; Imagewc_cdc
3 My Time in New Zealand during the 2020 Pandemic2020Text; Imagewc_cdc
4 Oral History interview of Adrienne Scott-Ellis, conducted by Lauren Webb (audio, transcript)2021-11-05Sound; Textuum_uc19
5 Oral History interview of Alexander Thompson, conducted by Dumitru Toderic (transcript)2021-10-09Textuum_uc19
6 Oral history interview of Ana C. Katz, conducted by Adam Katz (transcript)2020-10-16Image/MovingImageuum_uc19
7 Oral history interview of Andrea Henkels Heidinger, conducted by Elizabeth Giraud (transcript)2020-10-14Textuum_uc19
8 Oral History interview of Anissa Telle, conducted by Eliana Massey (transcript)2021-10-16Textuum_uc19
9 Oral History interview of Anne Charles, conducted by Andrew Blackburn (audio, transcript)2021-10-16Text; Sounduum_uc19
10 Oral History interview of Caroline Kellough, conducted by Andrew Blackburn (transcript)2021-11-01Textuum_uc19
11 Oral history interview of Carolyn Katz, conducted by Adam Katz (transcript)2020-11-17Textuum_uc19
12 Oral history interview of Dr. Dana Levin, conducted by Kira Withrow (transcript)2020-10-14Textuum_uc19
13 Oral history interview of Dr. Kent Katz, conducted by Adam Katz (transcript)2020-10-18Image/MovingImageuum_uc19
14 Oral History interview of Dr. Kerry Spenser Pray, conducted by Eliana Massey (transcript)2021-10-21Textuum_uc19
15 Oral history Interview of Dr. Lewis Hassell, conducted by Jake Rigby (transcript)2021-10-13Textuum_uc19
16 Oral history interview of Dr. Tarah Henderson, conducted by Dumitru Toderic (transcript)2021-10-24Textuum_uc19
17 Oral history interview of Elder Caleb Cuthbertson, conducted by Adam Katz (transcript)2020-11-21Textuum_uc19
18 Oral history interview of Eva Avila, conducted by Kellen DeAlba (transcript)2021-11-19Textuum_uc19
19 Oral history interview of Jake Linford, conducted by Thelonious Scott Linford (transcript)2020-10-26Textuum_uc19
20 Oral History interview of Jessica Roadman, conducted by Lauren Webb (transcript)2021-10-20Textuum_uc19
21 Oral history interview of Karen Tapahe, conducted by Talita Wiener-Osman (transcript)2020-10-16Textuum_uc19
22 Oral History interview of Lauren Brinton, conducted by William J. Challis (transcript)2021-10-18Textuum_uc19
23 Oral History interview of Lesley C. Sincavage, conducted by Hannah Sincavage (transcript)2021-10-22Textuum_uc19
24 Oral history interview of Matthew McFarland, conducted by Colbie Hymas (transcript)2021-12-13Textuum_uc19
25 Oral History interview of Matthew T. Goodman, conducted by Hannah Sincavage (transcript)2021-10-15Textuum_uc19
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