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1 Walkthrough footage of Pantages Theater auditorium2020-07-13Image/MovingImageuum_ptslc
2 PTA Website Alexander Pantages page prose2020-10-25Textuum_ptslc
3 PTA Website Architecture page prose2020-10-31Textuum_ptslc
4 Window panel side by side (pdf)2020-11-01Image/StillImageuum_ptslc
5 Wall panel side by side (pdf)2020-11-01Image/StillImageuum_ptslc
6 Window panel linework (pdf)2020-11-01Image/StillImageuum_ptslc
7 Wall panel linework (pdf)2020-11-01Image/StillImageuum_ptslc
8 Intensive level survey submitted to Utah State Historic Preservation Office for the documentation of the Utah Theatre in 20202020uum_ptslc
9 Writeup for content of the 2020 ILS survey2020uum_ptslc
10 Bibliography of sources for Utah Theater research2020Textuum_ptslc
11 Agency letter describing Pantages theater documentation for Utah State Historic Preservation Office2014; 2015; 2016uum_ptslc
12 Title Reports of 144 and 148 S Main St SLC [01]2020Textuum_ptslc
13 Title search form for Utah Theater for SHPO2020uum_ptslc
14 Title Reports of 144 and 148 S Main St SLC [02]2020Textuum_ptslc
15 Title Reports of 144 and 148 S Main St SLC [03]2020Textuum_ptslc
16 Tax appraisal cards of 144/148 Main St SLC Utah Pantages Theater from 1934 onwards2020uum_ptslc
17 Archway panel detail side by side (pdf)2020-11-01Image/StillImageuum_ptslc
18 Archway panel detail side by side (pdf)2020-11-01Image/StillImageuum_ptslc
19 Ceiling corner detail line work (pdf)2020-11-01Image/StillImageuum_ptslc
20 Ceiling corner detail side by side (pdf)2020-11-01Image/StillImageuum_ptslc
21 Ceiling moulding side by side (pdf)2020-11-01Image/StillImageuum_ptslc
22 Ceiling moulding line work (pdf)2020-11-01Image/StillImageuum_ptslc
23 Column linework (pdf)2020-11-01Image/StillImageuum_ptslc
24 Column panel side by side (pdf)2020-11-01Image/StillImageuum_ptslc
25 Column panel detail linework (pdf)2020-11-01Image/StillImageuum_ptslc
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