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1 Murphy, Mary M.A descriptive study of older veterans with heart failure participating in a telehealth program2017dissertation
2 Lyon, Justin; Huntsman, Annabelle; Pavek, Adriene; Shen, Nathan; Ney, Zachary; Palmer, Jonathan; Hamilton, Jennifer L.Skin of Color Representation in Teaching Images in Pediatric Nursing Practitioner Textbookshealth education; skin of color representationposter
3 Anderson, Rebecca AnnNewborn screening false-positives and maternal perceived uncertainty2013dissertation
4 Thum-Thomas, Nancy JoVeterans' perspectives on the meaning of my healthevet as it impacts adoption2020dissertation
5 Tanner, Corinna TrujilloPosttraumatic growth among older adults with severe age-related macular degeneration2019dissertation
6 Prothero, Marie MellorThe process of restoring personal integrity: mitigating the emotional cost of medical errors2020dissertation
7 Martial, Marc-AurelDetermining the effectiveness of an anemia-prevention program for children aged 6 to 59 months in a rural community in Haiti: a mixed-method study2019dissertation
8 Warner, Echo LynSocial support on social media among young adult cancer caregivers: a mixed method study2019dissertation
9 Yang, RumeiFear of falling in older adults and corresponding fears in family caregivers: an exploratory mixed-method study2019dissertation
10 Njenga, Angela NjeriPerinatal cultural beliefs of somali refugee women2019dissertation
11 Al-Qaaydeh, Sharifa M.Physical symptoms in Young children with Cancer: comparison of electronic versus paper-and-pencil diaries2019dissertation
12 Lewis-Haynes, HildaEthnically diverse older adults with advanced or recurrent cancer: distress, supportive care needs, and care coordinationGerontology; Nursing; Oncology2017dissertation
13 Felsted, Katarina FeibergComparing mindfulness-based stress reduction with the health enhancement program in the treatment of urge urinary incontinence in older adult women: a pilot feasibility and randomized controlled trialGerontology; Behavioral sciences; Physiological psychology2018dissertation
14 Lacasse, Cheryl LynnComorbidity and symptom measurement in oncology scale: development and pilot results in older adult cancer survivorsGerontology; nursing; oncology2017dissertation
15 Alderden, JennyPressure Injury Risk Among Critical-Care PatientsHealth sciences2017dissertation
16 Hofmann, Linda CarolThe career paths of female nurses: decisions associated with intention to leave direct patient careNursing2017dissertation
17 Walton, AnnMarie LeeA descriptive study of pesticide protective behaviors among Latino migrant and seasonal farmworkers2015-08dissertation
18 Blaz, Jacquelyn W.Out of their minds and onto the page: the production and use of nurses' paper "brains" in a medical oncology unit2015-05dissertation
19 Bloom, Rosaleen DugganPatients' and caregivers' experience of social support on caringbridgeNursing; Web Studies; Oncology2017dissertation
20 Hellem, Tracy LynnOpen label trial of creatine as a treatment option for methamphetamine using females2015-05dissertation
21 Hawkins, Sara ForsythNurses' work in the context of medication administration, errors, and organizational safetyOccupational safety; Nursing; Health care management2017dissertation
22 Martz, Camille (Kim)Bereaved family members' and hospice nurses' perspectives of transitions to and between residential facilities for the dying elderly2014-12dissertation
23 Pierotti, DanielleHospital acquired pressure ulcers in oncology units: risk, prevalence, and nurse variables2015-05dissertation
24 Chaplik, SuzanneFactors influencing antihypertensive medication adherence in veterans with hypertension and veterans with hypertension and post-traumatic stress disorderNursing2014-12dissertation
25 Beamer, Laura CurrQuality of Life Among Women With Radiation-Induced Dermatitis of the Breast2016-05dissertation
1 - 25 of 789