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1 Sedentary time and stress urinary incontinence in postpartum women: A comparison of isotemporal substitution and compositional data analysis techniques2022Text
2 Understanding provider prescription practices for opioids in the surgical patient2019Text
3 Multipollutant profile of the air of Salt Lake City and the dried Lakebed Soil of the Great Salt Lake2019Text
4 Self-observed characteristics of menstrual cycles in women without known subfertility: a pooled analysis of 3 cohorts2019Text
5 Rural-urban differences in melanoma incidence, mortality, and ultraviolet radiation exposure in Utah2019Text
6 A longitudinal study of women coaching women through motivational interviewing and the interrelationships between depression, health behaviors, and changes in obesity2018Text
7 The Long-term health effects and healthcare costs of thyroid cancer survivors in population-based cohort study2017Text
8 Long-term, adverse cardiovascular, genitourinary, and gastrointestinal outcomes among endometrial cancer survivors in a population-based cohort study2017Text
9 Improving treatment adherence and outcomes in individuals with phenylketonuria2015-05Text
10 Exploring predictors of readmission for pediatric psychiatric inpatients2016-05Text
11 Healthcare cost and utilization differences among American Indian and Alaska Native Compared with non-hispanic white patients with lung cancer2017Text
12 Human papillomavirus: trends in human papillomavirus rates, vaccine uptake, and factors driving intention to vaccinate2015-05Text
13 Urban food insecurity2014-12Text
14 The fertility experiences study: the complexities of infertility research, treatment approaches, and outcomes2015-05Text
15 Detection of carbapenem-resistant bacteria in drinking water and potential for inter-genus transfer of resistance factors2014Text
16 Long-term clinical implications of gastric bypass surgery specific to cardiorespiratory fitness, pregnancy-related birth weight and age-related mortality2014-08Text
17 Two industrial cohorts: factors associated with obesity and cholesterol at baseline and follow-up2014-08Text
18 Examining the factors affecting the inclusion of Non-English speaking individuals in Clinical Research2014-08Text
19 Investigating pediatric cancer risk utilizing the Utah population database2014-08Text
20 Melanoma risk factors within the prostate, lung, colorectal, and ovarian cancer screening trial2017-08Text
21 Examining associations between specific physical activity variables and cancer incidence2016-12Text
22 Predictors of malaria prevention and case management among children under five in three African Countries: analysis of demographic health surveys (DHS) malaria indicator surveys2015-08Text
23 Aspects of opioid regulation and effects on opioid users2015-12Text
24 The public health impact of eve teasing: public sexual harassment and its association with common mental disorders and suicide ideation among young women in Rural Punjab, India2015-12Text
25 Prediabetes: translating practical interventions for the treatment of primary care patients2015-08Text
1 - 25 of 111