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1 Jensen, WyattActive transportation on a complete street: objective and subjective walkability correlates2016thesis
2 Newbold, KatherineAdapting a tool to assess visual-spatial creativity in children with autism by building on their strengthsAssessment; Autism; Children; Creativity; Strengths; Technology2012-12thesis
3 Traeden, Heather MarcieAttachment security as a mediator of the relationship between marital conflict and youth competenceAdolescent; Attachment security; Competence; Marital conflict; Mediator; Youth2013-08thesis
4 Sexsmith, Corinne DaviesChanges in contraceptive method uptake with the removal of cost barriersWomens studies; Public health2017thesis
5 Ray, Robyn WilhelminaChanges in women's marital satisfaction across the transition to parenthood: the role of personal adaptabilityAdaptability; Changes; Marital; Parenthood; Satisfaction; Transition2012-08thesis
6 Lofgren, Abigail Marlene OwensChildren's distress during hospital procedures: the role of child life specialistsChild Life Specialist2015thesis
7 Stocking, JuleeAnnChildren's emotional security in response to marital conflict: the role of emotions and strategies in parents' conflictChildren; Cognitive-contextual; Conflict; Emotional security; Marital2010thesis
8 Gallimore, Jonathan MarkCommunity design variations in students' environmental walking supportsSchool children; Pedestrian areas2009-05-17thesis
9 Dimond, Elizabeth SusanneCross-national comparison of policies and attitudes toward the disabled: the effects of deinstitutionalizationPeople with disabilities; Disabling environments2008-02-06thesis
10 Linnell, LauraDescriptive analysis of the sibling relationships for families with a child with autism spectrum disordersAutism; Siblings; SketchUp; Technology2012-08thesis
11 Kramer, MiriamDirectors' and participants' perceptions of a program promoting the economic self-sufficiency of women with refugee statusCommunity based research; Economic; Program development; Refugee resettlement; Self-sufficiency; Women2011-08thesis
12 Brewer, Cameron MichaelEffects of special supplemental nutrition program for women, infants, and children (WIC) participtation on household food availabilityNutrition; Public health; Public policy2014-08thesis
13 Fife, Katherine RoseEffects of summer activites on academic successAcademic achievement; Year-round schools; Vacations2008-05thesis
14 Fox, Aimee LynnElementary school food environment and child food purchasing behaviorNutrition; Obesity in children2009-07-19thesis
15 Williams, Alta JeppsonEnhancing marital happiness: the effects of religious attendance on infidelity, religious congruence, and spousal supportivenessInfidelity; Marital happiness; Religiosity; Religious attendance; Social networks; Spousal supportiveness2010thesis
16 Sumsion, Felicia NicoleFacilitators and barriers to community reintegration following pediatric acquired brain injury from the perspective of parents and caregivers2019thesis
17 Steed, Robert MatthewFamily and classroom context effects on students' optimal experienceFlow; Montessori; Undivided interest2013-08thesis
18 Suo, YingFertility, offspring gender, and parental mortality later in lifeFertility; Longevity; Offspring gender; Parental mortality; Postreproductive mortality2011-05thesis
19 Chestnut, MichelleGender differences in early childhood reading-related behaviors: evidence from observation and survey of children's engagement in reading and reading interactionsEarly Childhood Education; Literacy; Reading Instruction; Gender Studies2016thesis
20 D'Astous, Valerie A.Grandparents and their grandchildren with autism spectrum disorder: building bridges through technologyAutism spectrum disorder; Communication; Grandparents; Intergenerational relationships; Technology2011-12thesis
21 Garn, Elizabeth HunsakerHome-buyer aids, help or harm?Home ownership,Economic aspects; Finance;, Personal2008-05thesis
22 Liang, BinHousing inequality under market transition in Urban China: evidence from the 2005 mini censusHousing inequality; Market transition; Urban China2013-08thesis
23 Miles, ElizabethHow members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with divorce in family of origin establish successful marriagesAttitude; Behavior; Belief; Divorce; Marriage; The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints2011-11thesis
24 Dorcheus, MorganImpact of youth gardening on emotional wellbeingemotional wellbeing; experiential education; youth gardening2016thesis
25 Taylor, Lorayne B.In sickness or in health: couples' health status and retirement prepartationCouple health; Financial planning; Retirement; Retirement preparation2013-08thesis
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