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1 "Triumphal Arch by Day"Image
2 "Triumphal Arch by Night"Image
3 "Utah Volunteer Band and Battery A of Utah Light Artillery"Image
4 Battery A and B Drilling at Fort Douglas.1898-01-01; 1899-12-31Image
5 Battery A at Fort Douglas1898-01-01; 1899-12-31Image
6 Battery B Utah Light Artillery1898-01-01; 1899-12-31Image
7 Battery B Utah Light Artillery.1898-01-01; 1899-12-31Image
8 Caines Cavalry Troop1898-01-01; 1899-12-31Image
9 Co. K 2nd U.S. Volunteer Engineer Corps1898-01-01; 1899-12-31Image
10 Cover of photograph album.Image
11 Grand Army [Past?] and Helds Band1898-01-01; 1899-12-31Image
12 Major Grant1898-01-01; 1899-12-31Image
13 Major Young1898-01-01; 1899-12-31Image
14 Presentation to Utah Cavalry Troop.1898-01-01; 1899-12-31Image
15 Torrey's Rough Riders.1898-01-01; 1899-12-31Image
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