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1 "$800 Reward" poster of capture of polygamists John Taylor and George Q. Cannon.1887-01-31Image
2 "Inside Temple, Conservatory"Image
3 "Inside Temple, Conservatory"1911-10Image
4 "Inside Temple, Conservatory"Image
5 "Inside Temple, Conservatory"Image
6 "Last Public Address of Lieut.-Gen. Joseph Smith"Image
7 "Notice to Emigrants" poster warning travelers of Indian attacks issued by Governor Brigham Young, 1852.Image
8 Birthplace of Joseph Smith, Sharon, Windsor County, VermontImage
9 Brigham Young home, Nauvoo, IllinoisImage
10 Brigham Young's home in Nauvoo, IllinoisImage
11 Carthage Jail, Illinois (interior)Image
12 From the campus of the LDS High School, now the Relief Society building and the Church Office high rise, pre 1931.1910; 1911; 1912; 1913; 1914; 1915; 1916; 1917; 1918; 1919; 1920; 1921; 1922; 1923; 1924; 1925; 1926; 1927; 1928; 1929; 1930; 1931Image
13 Heber J. GrantImage
14 Joseph Smith "Mansion House," Nauvoo, Ill. as originally built, 1843.1843Image
15 Mormon Monument and countryside of Mt. Pisgah, IowaImage
16 Mormon Monument and countryside of Mt. Pisgah, IowaImage
17 Nauvoo TempleImage
18 Nauvoo TempleImage
19 Notice for a public Worship service. The Edinburgh Presbytery is announcing the opportunity of Dr. Lee of the Latter-day Saints of proving whether doctrines held by the Church of Scotland or those held by the Latter-day Saints are most consistent with Reason and the Word of God, as contained in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments.Image
20 Photographs of various types of "Mormon Money."Image
21 Polygamist prisoners at Sugarhouse Prison, ca. 1886: George Q. Cannon, Sylvester Jones, Simon Topham, Joseph Barney, Lorenzo Watson, William Buttler, Francis Lyman, Francis Webster.1886Image
22 Polygamist prisoners ca. 1888 or 1889Image
23 Polygamist prisoners, George Q. Cannon, center, second row.Image
24 The Smith Farm, Palmyra, New YorkImage
25 The Smith Home, Palmyra, New YorkImage
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