Appraisal of the needs for an occupational therapy school in Utah

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Publication Type thesis
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Department Education Leadership & Policy
Author Humpherys, Blanche
Title Appraisal of the needs for an occupational therapy school in Utah
Date 1958-08
Description The problem of this study was to determine the need for an Occupational Therapy school in Utah. Statistical and historical data were gathered for the first accurately compiled and recorded history of the growth and development of Occupation Therapy in Utah. The method use was historical and survey. The background of Occupation Therapy was necessary to understand and clarify the problem. The data for the survey were collected through interviews and questionnaires. The procedure was as follows: 1. A history was compiled of the Occupation Therapy departments in Utah to show growth and development of Occupation Therapy in the State. 2. A search was made to ascertain if a previous study concerning this subject had been undertaken. 3. Statistical data, secured through questionnaire responses and replies to correspondence, were compiled into charts, graphs, and tables. 4. Personal interviews indicated trends in development and the extent to which Occupation Therapy was understood and utilized. 5. Controversies in the historical development of Occupation Therapy in the State were carefully checked and corrections were made. 6. Approvals for acceptance and printing of data and materials for the study were secured, when necessary, form profession personnel, government officials, hospital directors and administrators. 7. The Occupation Therapy State Organization and Constitution were included in the study. Sources of data were obtained from: 1. Newspapers. The Herald (now obsolete), the Deseret News, the Deseret News Library, and the Salt Lake Tribune. 2. Personal data. Correspondence with therapists, diaries, early brochures, historical reports and scrapbook. 3. Books and other literature. The American Journal of Occupation Therapy, American Medical Journal and Hospital Report, Occupation Therapy Register Yearbook, Pioneer histories, and thesis. 4. Questionnaires and their return responses from: Active and non-active therapists, State Health Departments of the surrounding states, also the surrounding states Rehabilitation departments, hospital in the majors cities of this study, Utah's district nurses, and random sampling of nurses form seven Utah hospitals. 5. Personal interviews with: Educators, State officials, professional and medical directors, supervisors, administrators, and therapists. The findings to substantiate the needs for an Occupation Therapy school in Utah.
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Publisher University of Utah
Subject Utah
Subject MESH Occupational Therapy; Education
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