Skew Deviation and the Ocular Tilt Response

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Title Skew Deviation and the Ocular Tilt Response
Creator David Newman-Toker, MD, PhD, Associate Professor, Departments of Neurology, Ophthalmology, & Otolaryngology, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Subject Vertical strabismus; Cyclovertical strabismus; Skew deviation; Vestibulo-ocular reflex; Ocular tilt reaction; Vestibular pathways; Vestibular ocular system
Description The objectives of this presentation are to provide an understanding of the current use of the terms "ocular tilt reaction" and "skew deviation," to create some familiarity with the anatomic and physiologic substrate of ocular tilt and skew, and to demonstrate how to distinguish between skew and isolated oblique palsies at the bedside, recognizing limitations in our understanding of cyclovertical palsies.
Anatomy utricle; vestibular nuclei; medial longitudinal fasciculus; MLF; interstitial nucleus of Cajal; INC; rostral interstitial nucleus of the MLF; riMLF; brainstem; medulla; pons; midbrain; superior oblique; inferior oblique; superior rectus; inferior rectus; oculomotor nucleus; trochlear nucleus
Clinical vertical strabismus; cyclovertical strabismus; ocular torsion; fundus torsion
Disease/Diagnosis skew deviation; ocular tilt response
Contributor Primary David Newman-Toker, M.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor Departments of Neurology, Ophthalmology, and Otolaryngology, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Publisher Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library, University of Utah
Date 2005-11-16
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Holding Institution Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library, University of Utah
Collection Neuro-ophthalmology Virtual Education Library: NOVEL
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