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Publication Type thesis
Graduate/Undergraduate Program Graduate
Program Entertainment Arts and Engineering (EAE) Program
Date 2020
Studio/Team Name Squish-Fish Games
Team Dhaman Mehta; XuexinWei; Jacob Reuling; Light Bates; Kent Phan; Zhuangzi Zhang; Junfeng She; Bocheng Huang; Sritej Canchi; Xuehan Yuan; Sumi Nakamura
Official Website;
Title ArchiTac
Format (distribution medium/method) Zip folder
Description ArchiTac is a resource gathering and crafting game where you play as TAC, an astronaut who has crash-landed onto a deserted planet. You must search the planet for pieces of your ship and gather the resources you will need to fix it up so that you can continue on your journey.
Download link
Platform PC; Windows
Developer Squish-Fish Games, LLC
Distributor Steam
Release Date 2020-03-13
Publisher Squish-Fish Games, LLC
Game Engine Unreal 4
Programming Language C++ and Unreal Blueprints
System Requirements Windows MINIMUM: OS: Windows 7+ Processor: Quad-core Intel / AMD processor Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 470 GTX / AMD Radeon 6870 HD Storage: 2 GB available space
Number of players 1
Target Audience Single-player
Genre Crafting; Free to Play; Adventure; Casual; Building; Simulation
Setting A deserted alien planet
Point of View Third-person
Dimension 3D
Pacing Real-time
Estimated time of completion 20-30 minutes
Visual Style Cartoony
Artistic Techniques Maya
Mood Casual, relaxing
Type of Ending The game ends with a small cinematic and then gives the player the option of continuing to play in their current world.
Rights Management (c) Squish-Fish Games, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Subject Video game synopsis
Language eng
ARK ark:/87278/s69656mt
Setname ir_eae
Date Created 2020-08-10
Date Modified 2020-08-27
ID 1588757
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