Magnetic by Nature

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Publication Type thesis
Graduate/Undergraduate Program Undergraduate
Program Entertainment Arts & Engineering (EAE) Program
Date 2013
Title Magnetic by Nature
Alternative titles MBN
Studio/Team Name Tripleslash LLC
Executive Producer Donald Chittenden
Producer/Team Lead Kyle Chittenden
Team Andrew Jones; Evan Munro; Becky Pennock; Jonathan Humphries; Brendan Wanlass; Cory Haltinner; Lance Montgomery; David Hurst; Paige Ashlynn; Diana Ngo
Music Lance Montgomery
Release Date 08/20/2014
Description Magnetic By Nature is a 2D side-scrolling puzzle platform game with magnetism as the main mechanic. It is a reworked version of the Xbox 360 XNA Indie Game Magnetic By Nature: Awakening. The game is set in the ruins of an ancient civilization where a little robot is by itself. One day it discovers there are giant robots that can be recharged using a specific type of flower. From a main hub five robots can be found gradually that each open access to 25 puzzle levels. By completing all levels the next robot and the next set of levels can be found. The game also keeps track of the completion time and offers two types of collectibles that are in hidden or hard to reach places. The first type of collectible (a magnetic ring) does not trigger anything right away, but the second type leads to some bonus levels. Next to platform mechanics there are two types of actions used to complete levels: attract and repel. These forces are activated by the robot and have a certain radius. Levels contain many different types of magnets that react in different ways. Repel can be used to hover in the air, attract is used to swing, some magnets are not stationary and can be moved, switches are activated by guiding magnets in a correct location etc. Physics also come into play to determine speed and for using short busts of magnetic power. Levels are short and are completed as soon as the white flower is located. Each main world introduces a different mechanic. In the second one for instance there are red and blue energy fields where for the first the robot can pass but a magnet cannot, and vice versa for the latter. There are no checkpoints and when dead the level has to be restarted.
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Publisher Tripleslash LLC
Awards/Recognitions Steam Community Greenlight Game; Successfully funded on Kickstarter and winner of both the Best Developed Game and Audience Choice awards at the 2013 Utah Game Wars competition;
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Platform Windows; Mac; SteamOS; Linux
Genre Action; Adventure; Platformer
Rights Management (c) Tripleslash LLC
Subject Video game synopsis
Language eng
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