Last March of the Dodos

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Publication Type thesis
Graduate/Undergraduate Program Graduate
Program Entertainment Arts & Engineering (EAE) Program
Date 2013
Title Last March of the Dodos
Studio/Team Name UGF
Producer/Team Lead Jesse Ferraro
Team Troy Johnson; Charlie Mimnaugh; Christine Olinquevitch; Brandon Rees; Kamron Egan; Felix Lau; Derek Higgs; Eric Levin; Darby Bailey
Release Date 12/13/2013
Description Last March of the Dodos is a tower defense game with a few unique twists. First, the artificial intelligence of the enemy units (the Dodos) allows them to learn the types of traps that block their way to the exit, and they then reroute to avoid the player's schemes (they're not much brighter than that, though-they are Dodos, after all). Second, the 3D space is critical to the experience, as Dodos can be tossed through the air and chained from trap to trap or eventually launched into deadly volcanoes. This integral piece of the experience is the method through which most achievements and the highest scores can be earned. Finally, the environment can be harnessed to increase destruction and preserve player resources. Guide the marching Dodos into mobs of bird-eating plants, boot them into volcanoes, or discover the secret to summoning the ravenous tiger shark-complete with orange and black stripes! Can extinction really be this lighthearted and fun?
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Awards/Recognitions Steam Community Greenlight Game
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Platform PC
Genre Real-time; Strategy
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Subject Video game synopsis
Language eng
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