Whiterock River bituminous sandstone deposit Uintah County, Utah

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Title Whiterock River bituminous sandstone deposit Uintah County, Utah
Date 1943
Description A series of sandstone beds of Triassic age, 900 feet thick, and well impregnated with bitumen, outcrops in secs. 17 and 18, T. 2 H. 1 E., Uintah County, Utah. The beds are almost vertical, the dips varying from 75º to 90º to the southeast along a strike of N. 55º K. The beds are expposed on both sides of the Whiterock Hvor on the north edge of the Uintah Basin and the south flank of the Uintah Mountains. The bituminous content of the sandstone varies in richness from one member to another of this thick sandstone series. Surface samples taken show a bitumen content from 5.5 gallons per ton of the poorest to 31.4 gallons per ton for the richest beds. It is estimated that the whole thickness of the deposit will average 20 gallons or .476 barrel of bitumen per ton. It is expected that the bitumen content will increase materially, deeper into the deposit away from the weathered surface. The upturned edges of the sandstone are exposed for a vertical height of about 300 feet. The visible lateral extent along the strike is not more than 1,500 feet on account of the heavy covering gravel. An estimated 20,000,000 tons of bituminous sandstone is exposed which is estimated to contain about 9,520,000 barrels of hydrocarbons. Under the mantle of gravel there are undoubtedly millions of tons more of the same material. Limited experiments indicate that gasoline, diesel fuel, lubricants, paint, filling for roofing paper, extenders for rubber products, and probably many other products such as plastics can be made from bitumen. it has been successfully used as it comes from the outcrop for paving purposes. The deposit offers an excellent locality in which to place an experimental plant for the extraction of petroleum products in conformance with the plan outlined by Senate Bill 1243 now under consideration by a Senate subcommittee.
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Publisher United States Department of the Interior, United States Bureau of Mines
Subject Whiterock River sandstone deposit; bituminous sandstone deposit; bitumen
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Bibliographic Citation (1943). Whiterock River bituminous sandstone deposit Uintah County, Utah. War Minerals Report. United States Department of the Interior, United States Bureau of Mines.
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