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Collection Overview +/-

Title: Gretchen Siegler student projects on Westminster College ethnography
Dates: 2009-2010 (inclusive)
Collection Number: ACC-190
Summary: This collection consists of student ethnography projects and papers submitted to Professor Gretchen Siegler in fulfillment of a Spring 2010 Cultural Anthropology course (ANTH 252) at Westminster College (Salt Lake City, Utah). The students were each assigned to one of three teams and asked to create an ethnography of the college. The materials date from 2009-2010 and include articles, brochures, interviews, lists, maps, papers, photographs (photocopies), profiles of individual faculty, students, and of the incoming freshman class, questionnaires, surveys, and annotated printouts of college webpages.
Repository: Westminster College, Giovale Library
1840 South 1300 East
Salt Lake City, Utah 84105
Phone: (801) 832-2250

Collection Inventory +/-

series: Group One
box 1, folder 1: Admissions
box 1, folder 2: School (Keenan Burkley)
box 1, folder 3: ASWC/Clubs/Sports
box 1, folder 4: Student Life
box 1, folder 5: Surveys
box 1, folder 6: Environmental Center
box 1, folder 7: Observations
box 1, folder 8: Interviews
series: Group Two
box 2, folder 1: Introductions
box 2, folder 2: History of Westminster College and Facilities
box 2, folder 3: Presidents
box 2, folder 4: Overview of facilities
box 2, folder 5: Health and Wellness Center
box 2, folder 6: Foster Hall
box 2, folder 7: Ferry Hall
box 2, folder 8: Gore School of Business
box 2, folder 9: Shaw Center
box 2, folder 10: Giovale Library
box 2, folder 11: Converse Hall
box 2, folder 12: Faculty, Staff and Administration
box 2, folder 13: Faculty
box 2, folder 14: Staff
box 2, folder 15: Administration
box 2, folder 16: Student Culture
box 2, folder 17: Potential Students
box 2, folder 18: Freshman Profile
box 2, folder 19: Language
box 2, folder 20: Student Athletes
box 2, folder 21: Student Services
box 2, folder 22: Student Housing
box 2, folder 23: Student Interest
box 2, folder 24: Outdoor Recreation
box 2, folder 25: Winter at Westminster
box 2, folder 26: Environmentalism
box 2, folder 27: (Conclusion)
series: Group Three
box 3, folder 1: Introduction
box 3, folder 2: ASWC
box 3, folder 3: Organizations
box 3, folder 4: Services offered at Westminster College
box 3, folder 5: Section contributions
box 3, folder 6: Section summaries
box 3, folder 7: Survey of Westminster College faculty political preferences
box 3, folder 8: Interviews
box 3, folder 9: Residential life
box 3, folder 10: Summary
box 3, folder 11: Observations
box 3, folder 12: HWAC and the Athletic Department
box 3, folder 13: Observations--Food services

Biographical Note/Historical Note +/-

Gretchen Siegler has been a professor of Anthropology at Westminster College (Salt Lake City, Utah) since 1994. Some of the courses in anthropology and sociology which Siegler has taught include: Cultural anthropology; Social anthropology; Myth, magic and the supernatural; Indian peoples of the United States; Gender in society; Qualitative research methods; Race, ethnicity and class; Environmental anthropology; and many other anthropology and sociology topics. Early in her career she did extensive work in the area of religion, Pentacostals, and charismatic movements in North America. She has been an ethnographer in rural California, evangelical Belize, and other Western U.S. locations. She has been an archeologist at prehistoric and historic sites in Nevada and Colorado.

Siegler received her B.A. in 1975 from the University of New Hampshire, Durham, majoring in psychology. She received her M.A. (1983) and Ph.D. (1992) in anthropology from the University of Nevada. Reno. She was an Assistant Professor of anthropology at Wayne State College in Nebraska from 1993-1994 previous to joining the Westminster College faculty.

Ethnography has been variously defined as:

  • the scientific description of the customs of individual peoples and cultures. (Oxford Dictionary)
  • the study of human races and cultures; the study and systematic recording of human cultures; also : a descriptive work produced from such research (Merriam-Webster dictionary)
  • The term ethnography has come to be equated with virtually any qualitative research project where the intent is to provide a detailed, in-depth description of everyday life and practice … ethnography may be defined as both a qualitative research process or method (one conducts an ethnography) and product (the outcome of this process is an ethnography) … Ethnographers generate understandings of culture through representation of … the "insider’s point of view" … An ethnographic understanding is developed through close exploration of several sources of data. Using these data sources as a foundation, the ethnographer relies on a cultural frame of analysis. (Dr. Brian A. Hoey, Cultural Anthropologist/Ethnographer and Professor at Marshall University).

Sources of this biographical/historical note:

Content Description +/-

This collection consists of student ethnography projects and papers submitted to Professor Gretchen Siegler in fulfillment of a Spring 2010 Cultural Anthropology course (ANTH 252) taught by Professor Gretchen Siegler at Westminster College (Salt Lake City, Utah. The students were each assigned to one of three teams (Group One, Group Two, and Group Three) and each group was asked to create an ethnography of the college. The materials date from 2009-2010 and include student-produced ethnographic papers, observations, and surveys, as well as artifacts gathered in the process of data collections, such as printouts of college webpages, college brochures, departmental records, and organizational and statistical charts.

Group One (Box 1). Students in Group One: Joshua Ambrose, Kelsey Arocha, Kathryn Arthur, Kathleen Brown, Rebecca Burke, Keenan Burkley, Silvia De la Barra, and Brooks Donaldson. Group One ethnographic files are:

  • Admissions (Box 1, Folder 1)--college brochures and recruitment webpages such as "Student life in the Land of Zion", "A unique enbironment for learning", "Why Westminster", "Westminster College at-a-glance" (Box 1, Folder 2)
  • Schools (Box 1, Folder 2)--includes interviews with Dean Sheryl Steadman (School of Nursing and Health Sciences), Dean Robert "Bob" Shaw and Dean's Assistant David Medina (School of Education), Dean Mary Jane Chas and Dean's Assistant Chalice Randazzo (School of Arts and Sciences), and Dean John Groesbeck (Gore School of Business)
  • ASWC, Clubs and Organizations (Box 1, Folder 3--structure of the Associated Students of Westminster College, a list of clubs in 2009/2010, an interview with Tyler Sutton and Ginny Beth (directors of clubs and organizations), notes from an ASWC Senate meeting.
  • Student life (Box 1, Folder 4)--Student Life organizational chart, campus map; webpages on Residence life and campus housing, enrollment statistics, Class of 2013 profile, College facts/mission/vision/core values; pages from the student handbook on the faculty and students; "Your guide to campus living" brochure; "Campus housing handbook 2009-2010" booklet; Interview with Ginny Dewitt at the Start Center; "Common data Set 2009-2010"; Surveys of students' clubs and organization participation, technology, and use/opinions of food services.
  • Surveys (Box 1, Folder 5)--Surveys of students' music genre preferences, religion, housing, technology
  • Environmental Center (Box 1, Folder 6)--Climate action plan (observations, "Westminster College climate action plan, 2010-2015 and beyond"); "Environmental racism: an education manual"; paper use, waterless urinals
  • Observations (Box 1, Folder 7)--"Mr. Westminster" Competition; Cost Management Accountant lunch; Westminster Rail Jam event; Effect of on-campus residence vs. commuting to campus on involvement in on-campus student activities
  • Interviews (Box 1, Folder 8)--Interview of four deans of the schools (Silvia De La Barr); Interview of Jan Saeed, counselor/coordinator of spiritual/religious activies on campus (Kelsey Lynne Arcocha); Interview of Ginny Dewitt at the Start Center (Brooks Donaldson); Interview of Sean Carter, maintenance staff (Keenan Burkley); Interviews of Tyler Sutton, director of ASWC Clubs and Organizations, and of Ginny Beth Joiner, advisor to the ASWC (Kate Arthur); Interview of Whitney Roseborough, student vollyball player (Becky Burke).

Group Two (Box 2). Students in Group Two: Kyle Knutson, Brandt Gillespie, Heidi Hollyfield, Shannon Kennelly, Kylie Kingsbury, Jordan Loveridge, Rachel Hatch, Ronnie Eichelbeger, Anthony Johnson. Group Two's ethnography is subtitled "The unique cultural description of Westminster College" and is organized into an Introduction (Folder 1), History of Westminster College and Facilities (Folders 2-11), Faculty, Staff and Administration (Folders 12-15), Student Culture (Folders 16-26), and a Conclusion (Folder 27). Group Two ethnographic files are:

  • Introductions (Box 2, Folder 1)--Table of contents, Group Two student biographies, Introduction, and Westminster "Fast facts"
  • History of Westminster College and Facilities (Box 2, Folder 2)--Historical benchmarks, several related Wikipedia articles, photocopies of archival photographs, a Utah Historical Quarterly article, phone interview with Blaine Simons, Free Mason and former Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Utah (Anthony Johnston)
  • Presidents (Box 2, Folder 3)--photographs (photocopies), and inauguration documents on Presidents Michael Bassis, Peggy Stock, Charles Howard Dick, Frank Duddy, Robert Denham Steele, and Herbert Ware Reherd.
  • Overview of facilities (Box 2, Folder 4)--short descriptions of campus buildings, a student survey on building preferences, "Specters in Doorways" about the haunting of campus areas, and an interview with Steve Morgan on the history of Foster Hall, Ferry, Hall, the Health, Welness and Athletic Center, and former stadium.
  • Health and Wellness Center (Box 2, Folder 5)--Includes information on donor Dolores Dore Eccles
  • Foster Hall (Box 2, Folder 6)
  • Ferry Hall (Box 2, Folder 7)--includes articles, photographs, and information on donor Mrs. William M. Ferry
  • Gore School of Business (Box 2, Folder 8)--includes information on donors Bill and Vieve Gore
  • Shaw Center (Box 2, Folder 9)--includes information on President Manford A. Shaw
  • Giovale Library (Box 2, Folder 10)--includes information on donors Ginger and John Giovale
  • Converse Hall (Box 2, Folder 11)--includes information on donor John Converse
  • Faculty, Staff and Administration (Box 2, Folder 12)--Introduction to the section
  • Faculty (Box 2, Folder 13--List of Departments and Schools, facts, faculty publications, two faculty profiles (Emily Lewis, Mark Rubinfeld), level of academic degrees, nursing faculty profile, interviews
  • Staff (Box 2, Folder 14)--Staff overview, Staff handbook 2009 (with printouts of 18 sections), Staff interviews (Dixie Egan, Jeff Vander Steen), staff profiles (Luis Torres, Andrea Rhodes)
  • Administration (Box 2, Folder 15)--Description of 5 administrative offices, The Westminster Fund, Office of Communications, Core values, profile of Karen Hendry, Common Data Set 2006-07, Conclusions (Faculty, Administration and Staff)
  • Student Culture (Box 2, Folder 16)--Introduction to the section
  • Potential students (Box 2, Folder 17)--Prospective students, Admissions Office brochure examination, Observation of visiting prospective student group and their guide, questionnaire "FAQs about living on campus"
  • Freshman profile (Box 2, Folder 18)--Class of 2013 profile, conclusions, one student profile
  • Language (Box 2, Folder 19)--Student language/slang overview, Westminster College slang dictionary (7 p.) and Winter at Westminster slang dictionary (2 p.).
  • Student athletes (Box 2, Folder 20)--Introduction, observations, Student-athlete handbook 2008-09 (35 p. printout), student athlete survey (2 drafts, survey evaluation, observation, interview, conclusion)
  • Student services (Box 2, Folder 21)--Introduction, interviews (Gary Daynes, Ginny DeWitt), Disability Services program, Start Center, brochure "Students with disabilities preparing for postsecondary education (U.S. Dept. of Education publication), conclusion
  • Student housing views (Box 2, Folder 22)--Student housing and meal fees, student interview analysis, Room and Board 2010-2011 fees, conclusion
  • Student interests (Box 2, Folder 23)--Introduction, "An evening of taste", "Pot or not?", clubs and organizations sheet, list of student clubs (from ASWC website, with most popular highlighted)
  • Outdoor recreation (Box 2, Folder 24)--Introduction, Popular outdoor activities by season, Student party scene in relation to outdoor recreation, student perception of the Outdoor Recreation program, conclusion
  • Winter at Westminster (Box 2, Folder 25)--Introduction, overview, student perspectives (interviews), conclusion
  • Environmentalism (Box 2, Folder 26)--Introduction, Environmental Center, Interview (Kerry Case), Climate Action Plan (24 p. printout with annotations), campus environmental projects, observations, conclusion
  • Binder Conclusion (Box 2, Folder 27)

Group Three (Box 3). Students in Group Three: Catherine "Cat" Worman, Eric Nielsen, Jacob Bryson, Jeremy, Marshall Serzen, Megan Neal, Michele Thomas, Ulrikke "Rikke" Nicolaisen, Tyler O'Donnell. Group Three ethnographic files are:

  • Introduction (Box 3, Folder 1)--List of student members and sections of responsibility
  • ASWC (Box 3, Folder 2)--7 weekly executive reports (Sept. 7, 2009 through Feb. 15, 2010), Budget Committee proposal 2009-2010, 2010-2011 recommended ASWC budget
  • Other clubs and organizations (Box 3, Folder 3)--2009-2010 Westminster College scholarship programs brochure, Great Salk Lake Institute student projects flyer
  • Services offered at Westminster College (Box 3, Folder 4)--Start Center information sheet, Winter at Westminster mailer, Student exchnage opportunities in China 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 brochure, four Bacchus Network brochures on college student stress, depression and anxiety, and healthy relationships, Counseling Center brochure, Great Salt Lake Institute brochure, Calendar of events 2009-2010, Path finder program folder
  • Section contributions (Box 3, Folder 5)--Book Store at Westminster College, Interview with Laura Murphy (Office of Communications), Campus event observation (Speaker's forum on global warming), "How the Westminster Community spends their pocket money", Food Services product sales detail Jan. 31 - Feb. 13, 2010, Body Awareness Week, Body Awareness Campaign 2008-2009,
  • Section Summary (Box 3, Folder 6)--Instruction and methodology of study to measure political preferences of the Westminster College faculty
  • Survey of Westminster College faculty political preferences (Box 3, Folder 7)--includes a blank survey form, the combined surveys final tally, tallies broken out for area of teaching (for example sociology, psychology, economics, nursing), and anonymous individual surveys grouped by teaching area.
  • Interviews (Box 3, Folder 8)--includes interviews with Associate Provost Bridgett Newell, Dean Robert Shaw, and 3 others, and observations of a cast member in a student production of "Red Noses".
  • Residential life (Box 3, Folder 9--includes formal observations of two student social activities (a residential floor meeting, and movie night in a residential hall lounge), a student survey of residential life in one campus dormitory, and an interview with one student resident.
  • Summary (Box 3, Folder 10)--includes observations of an evening event focusing on commuter-student attendance, an interview with Alan Rogers (changes at Westminster College through the years), and lists of graduate programs offered.
  • Observations (Box 3, Folder 11)--includes observations attending "The Vagina Monologues", Admitted Student Day and the Admissions Office, and an interview with Kelci Ferguson (Alumni and Parent Relations Office).
  • HWAC and the Athletic Department (Box 3, Folder 12)--includes history, staff information, and interview with the Athletic Director Shay Wyatt, observations of Men's Lacrosse and Women's Lacrosse Team practices, and a survey of diet concerns.
  • Food Services observations (Box 3, Folder 13)--includes a survey and observation of the Shaw Center cafeteria, interview with Sodexo manager Jessica Alford, and observations on campus environmental issues, climate action, recycling, emissions, Shaw Center theft, the Environmental Center, and Center for Civic Engagement.

Collection Use +/-

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Preferred Citation:

Gretchen Siegler student projects on Westminster College ethnography, 2009-2010, ACC-190, Giovale Library Archives, Westminster College, Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Arranged in 3 series by Ethnography project student team's group number.

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