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Collection Overview +/-

Title: Woman's Board of Westminster College records
Dates: 1902-1977 (inclusive)
1902-1927 (bulk)
Collection Number: ACC-019
Summary: This collection consists of the records of the Woman's Board of Westminster College (Salt Lake City, Utah), documenting the Board's organization, early fundraising activities, and the construction and the furnishing of the Woman's Building (later named Ferry Hall). Materials in the collection date from 1902-1977, but primarily 1902-1927, and include architect's certificates, brochures, constitutions, correspondence, financial records, insurance policies, membership lists, memoranda, meeting minutes, newspaper clippings, and reports. The collection is organized into 23 subject categories. While the Woman's Board was originally created solely to build and to maintain a women's building, it soon developed into an important fundraising body for Westminster College and a significant source for student scholarships.
Repository: Westminster College, Giovale Library
1840 South 1300 East
Salt Lake City, Utah 84105
Phone: (801) 832-2250

Collection Inventory +/-

box 1, folder 1: Agreement (Colonel Ferry)
box 1, folder 2: Architect's certificates (1901-1909)
box 1, folder 3: Architect's certificates (1910-1914)
box 1, folder 4: Bills paid
box 1, folder 5: Brochure
box 1, folder 6: Constitutions
box 1, folder 7: Contributions (notes)
box 1, folder 8: Correspondence (Undated)
box 1, folder 9: Correspondence (1903-1907)
box 1, folder 10: Correspondence (1908-1909)
box 1, folder 11: Correspondence (1910-1913)
box 1, folder 12: Correspondence (1914-1926)
box 1, folder 13: Correspondence (1945-1977)
box 1, folder 14: Correspondence, Third party
box 1, folder 15: Deposits
box 1, folder 16: Ferry Hall expenditures (1902-1926): Aluminum Cooking Utensils -- Auerbach's
box 1, folder 17: Ferry Hall expenditures (1902-1926): Bennett Glass -- Cutler-Sovik Cabinet
box 1, folder 18: Ferry Hall expenditures (1902-1926): Dinwoodey Furniture -- Freed Furniture
box 1, folder 19: Ferry Hall expenditures (1902-1926): Gardiner Co. -- Gutgesell Inc.
box 1, folder 20: Ferry Hall expenditures (1902-1926): Hagerman -- I.M. Rug and Linoleum
box 1, folder 21: Ferry Hall expenditures (1902-1926): Keeley Ice Cream -- Morrison, Merrill & Company
box 1, folder 22: Ferry Hall expenditures (1902-1926: O'Brien -- Redman Fireproof Storage
box 1, folder 23: Ferry Hall expenditures (1902-1926): Salt Lake Electric Supply -- Sugar House Furniture
box 1, folder 24: Ferry Hall expenditures (1902-1926): Tracy Co. -- Utah Light and Power
box 1, folder 25: Ferry Hall expenditures (1902-1926): Walker Brothers Dry Goods -- ZCMI
box 2, folder 1: Ferry's gift
box 2, folder 2: Insurance

7 oversized items removed to Box 3, Folder 1

box 2, folder 3: Meetings
box 2, folder 4: Membership lists
box 2, folder 5: Memoranda
box 2, folder 6: Menus
box 2, folder 7: Minutes
box 2, folder 8: Officers
box 2, folder 9: Pledges
box 2, folder 10: Receipts
box 2, folder 11: Reports
box 2, folder 12: Scholarships
box 2, folder 13: Silver Tea
box 3, folder 1: Insurance policies (Oversized)

Biographical Note/Historical Note +/-

In 1902, Colonel William M. Ferry purchased land and deeded it to Westminster College (then called Sheldon Jackson College) for a new college campus. Ferry's agreement placed six stipulations on his gift. The final stipulation specified that a "portion of the ground, not to exceed five acres, shall be set apart absolutely as a site for a Woman's College Building to be erected by women." The agreement also stipulated that while the building would be under the "general supervision of the Trustees and faculty," a Board of Woman Managers would have "direct supervision ... [for] furnishings," hiring of the matron and any servants, rental fees, "care of grounds, repairs, and improvements." Colonel Ferry nominated the first nine members of the Woman's Board. The first meetings of the Westminster College Woman's Board were held in the home of George R. and Kate Ferry Hancock (at 444 South 7th East (now 700 East), Salt Lake City, Utah). Kate Harwood Hancock was Col. Ferry's daughter and the first treasurer of the Woman's Board.

Content Description +/-

This collection consists of the records of the Woman's Board of Westminster College (Salt Lake City, Utah), documenting the Board's organization, early fundraising activities, and the construction and the furnishing of the Woman's Building (later named Ferry Hall). Materials in the collection date from 1902-1977, but primarily 1902-1927, and include architect's certificates, brochures, constitutions, correspondence, financial records, insurance policies, membership lists, memoranda, meeting minutes, newspaper clippings, and reports. The collection is organized into 23 subject categories.

The agreement file (Box 1, Folder 1) relates to Colonel Ferry's gift. It consists of a signed copy (18 April 1902) of the agreement between Colonel William M. Ferry and Jeannette Ferry and Westminster College, a copy of Westminster College's acceptance of Ferry's offer (17 March 1902), and two letters. Both letters are from Rev. Josiah McClain, the secretary of the College's Board of Trustees, to Colonel Ferry and report the Board's decisions relating to Ferry's actions. The first letter (23 March 1903) reports the Board's approval of the increase of the Woman's Managers from five to nine and the acceptance of Ferry's nominations for the first managers, listed as:

  • Mrs. J.L. Emmerson, Titusville, Pennsylvania
  • Mrs. Charles L. Bailey, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  • Mrs. Jeannette H. Ferry, Park City, Utah
  • Mrs. M.F. Allen, Park City, Utah
  • Mrs. David Keath, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Mrs. G.R. Hancock, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Mrs. Sam. Williams, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Mrs. R.G. McNiece, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Mrs. J.S. Gordon, Ogden, Utah
The second letter (12 May 1904) reports that the Board accepted Ferry's clarification of the responsibilities of the Board of Trustees and the Woman's Board concerning the planned Woman's Building.

The architect's certificates (1907-1914) (Box 1, Folders 2-4) are signed by the Woman's Building architect, N. Edward. Liljenberg. They certify the hours worked and authorize the payment of specified amounts to individual contractors working on the Woman's Building. Only three of the 53 certificates were issued after 1910 (two in 1912 and one in 1914). Each certificate includes date, contractor's name, work performed (e.g., concrete work), payment number (i.e., first, second, third, final), amount entitled, total to be paid, amount paid, balance owed, architect's signature, date paid, and the contractor's signature acknowledging payment.

The brochure file (Box 1, Folder 5) contains a single undated Ferry Hall brochure (ca. 1912) describing the completed building, requesting contributions, and listing its furnishing needs.

The constitution file (Box 1, Folder 6) consists of three undated copies of the Woman's Board's constitution (ca. 1930-1945) and of a copy of the constitution of the Pennsylvania College for Women (1903) used by the Board in writing its own constitution. Each of the three constitutions consists of nine articles (officers, membership, meetings, quorum, committees, elections, and amendments) with only minor changes. The constitutions were used to organize the Woman's Board and establish its operational processes.

The contribution file (Box 1, Folder 7) contains various undated (ca. 1904-1910), handwritten notes documenting contributions made to the Woman's Building. One tally is organized by category (women, men, societies, and friends) plus numbers of contributions and totals. Another list tallies contributions by state.

The correspondence files (Box 1, Folders 8-14) consist largely of incoming letters addressed to Kate H. Hancock, the Board's treasurer, relating to the fund raising efforts for the construction of and the furnishing of Ferry Hall (1902-1926). Emma Stevenson, the Board's fundraiser and wife of college president, reported on her fundraising efforts (June-December 1906) in the Midwest and East. College President Robert Stevenson also writes of his fundraising during this same period. Prominent Presbyterian minister and missionary, Sheldon Jackson, describes his fundraising efforts for the Woman's Building and transmits various contributions to Mrs. Hancock (1906-1907). College treasurer Henry Van Pelt reports on various contributions received and reconciled accounts (1906, 1910-1913). In 1915, the correspondence includes a handwritten meeting announcement from Jeannette H. Ferry, the Board's President. A few of the letters are essentially regret letters indicating a member of the Board was unable to attend a scheduled meeting. There are four undated (ca. 1906-1913) complete letters and one partial letter (second page of a 3+ page letter).

The later correspondence (1945-1977) (Box 1, Folder 13) relate to the acceptance of membership nominations, the creation of a memorial for a deceased member (Katherine M. Waldo), and College Presidents Reherd, Duddy and Arbogast scheduling meetings, reporting on college needs, and acknowledging gifts from the Woman's Board.

The third party correspondence (Box 1, Folder 14) consists of three letters neither addressed to nor from the Woman's Board but relate to its activities. The first is a handwritten copy of a telegram (1 April 1903) from College President George Bailey to Col. Ferry concerning the Home Mission Board. The second (20 October 1909) and third letters (6 June 1910) are addressed to College Treasurer Van Pelt concerning fundraising for the Woman's Building.

The deposit slips file (Box 1, Folder 15) documents three deposits made into the Woman's Board bank accounts. The receipts are undated (circa 1908 and two from the 1920s). All list individual check amounts and totals.

The Ferry Hall expenditures files (1902-1926) (Box 1, Folders 16-25) consist of bills, invoices, and receipts for items purchased during the construction and the furnishing of Ferry Hall. They include the business name, date, description of purchases, and amount.

The Ferry's Gift file (Box 2, Folder 1) contains miscellaneous financial records including a paid bill for the expenses for a 1921 birthday party, a report on a 1922 College Dinner (tickets sold, money received and disbursements), nine financial reports (January, June, October, and November 1944; January 1945; November 1948; April 1955; January 1957; and September 1957) listing the Board's receipts and disbursement, and a 1965 paid bill for painting Ferry Hall.

The insurance policies files (Box 2, Folder 2 and Box 3, Folder 1 (oversize)) contain seven insurance policies (1908-1911) covering the construction of and the completed Ferry Hall. They include insurance company name, date, coverage dates, coverage terms, premium amounts, authorizing signatures, and relate correspondence.

The meetings file (Box 2, Folder 3) containes a list of the date, time, and place of the 1965-1966 and 1967-1968 Board meetings. It also includes the officers' names.

The membership lists file (Box 2, Folder 4) consists of various membership lists including official membership rosters and directories. There are four official directories (1961-1962, circa 1963-1965, 1965-1965, 1965-1966), an official roster (1977-1978), and two membership manuals (1981-1983 and 1985-1987). There is also an undated list (circa 1915) divided into new members and old members, and a photocopy of pages from the 1959-1960 directory.

The memoranda file (Box 2, Folder 5) contains six memos (one undated, one from 1957, and four from the 1960s). The undated memo (circa 1930s) discusses the relationship between the Woman's Board and the W.W. (a church centered women's group supporting Westminster College). The August 1957 memo lists the college's equipment needs. There are two 1961 memos. One (March 3) concerns the big cake and apron sale and the other (May 17) deals with the scheduling of the Walker Dining Hall. Two memos from college Presidents, Frank E. Duddy, Jr. (31 August 1962) and W. Fred Arbogast (13 September 1963) describe possible projects for support of the Woman's Board.

The minutes file (Box 2, Folder 7) contains an extract of the first volume (1902-1919) of minutes of the Woman's Board. While the original minutes are handwritten, this summarized, abbreviated version is typed with some handwritten notes.

The officers file (Box 2, Folder 8) contains a retrospective, handwritten list of Woman's Board officers from 1916-1969. It begins in 1936 and lists the names of the president and secretary and other names backward to 1916 without identifying a specific position. The list contains title (Mrs. or Miss) and only include the woman's first name if she is unmarried, otherwise her married name is used (i.e., Mrs. J.O. Elton). A 1969 list contains the names of the food sale committee members.

The pledge file (Box 2, Folder 9) consists of an alphabetical list (1953-1954) of individual members' pledges and gifts. The list includes member name, address, an indication whether a pledge or gift was made, and if made, the date and donation amount.

The receipts file (Box 2, Folder 10) contains nine receipts (1904-1925) and two receipt books that document monies received by or from the Woman's Board. The first book (1907-1908) is full, containing only stubs listing date, name of person making contribution, purpose of payment/contribution (all were listed for the Woman's Building), and amount received. The second (circa 1908-1909) is largely empty with only a few receipts completed.

The reports file (Box 2, Folder 11) consists of six reports on luncheons served, a report from the Foster Hall Committee, and treasurer's reports. The six reports (1932-1942) include the number of persons served, amount of produce and products used, menus, and donations received. The Foster Hall Committee report is a single handwritten page and is dated September 1935. It summarizes the committee's activities and is signed by the committee chair and member. The treasurer's reports (1944-1970) list cash on hand, expenditures, and receipts.

The scholarship file (Box 2, Folder 12) consists of a single sheet listing scholarships awarded by the Woman's Board (1955-1956). It includes the recipient's name and scholarship amount. This list contains nine names, eight women and a single man whose name is scratched out.

The Silver Tea file (Box 2, Folder 13) contains three items, a newspaper clipping reporting on the 1942 Silver Tea and two Silver Tea invitations (2004 and 2005).

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Open to public research.

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Twenty-four hours advance notice is encouraged.

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It is the responsibility of the researcher to obtain any necessary copyright clearances.

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Preferred Citation:

Woman's Board of Westminster College records, 1902-1977 (bulk 1902-1927), ACC-019, Giovale Library Archives, Westminster College, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Administrative Information +/-


The records were arranged alphabetical by subject category, thereunder chronologically within the individual folders. Undated records are filed before dated records. The Ferry Hall expenditures records are arranged alphabetically by name of the supplying vendor.

Acquisition Information:

In 1976, Hollister Hancock, the daughter of Kate Hancock and granddaughter of Colonel and Jeannette Ferry gave the Woman's Board "some of her papers" (Minutes, vol. 6, 27 Oct 1976). It is assumed those records included her mother's and grandparent's correspondence and financial records relating to the construction of Ferry Hall. In 1990, the Board arranged to have their historical records stored at the library. Subsequently, these records were transferred to the College Archives.

Processing Note:

Processed by Patricia Lyn Scott in October 2006. There was little organization to most of the records. One letterbox containing Ferry Hall's financial records was arranged alphabetical by the first letter of the vendor's name. This arrangement was modified to make it a straight alphabetical by company name.


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Hancock, Kate H. (Kate Harwood), 1856-1940
Liljenberg, Niels Edward, b. 1869
McClain, Josiah
Stevenson, Emma
Stevenson, Robert M. (Robert Montgomery), 1848-1929
Van Pelt, Henry V. (Henry Vroom), 1854-1935

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