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1 A Provider Mentorship Program with Integrated Mentor Training: A Needs AssessmentLin, Chia-Hsuan; Favero, Heidi2021POSTER
2 A Standardized Specimen Labeling Process To Decrease Pre-Analytical Biopsy ErrorsJessen, Chris; Lynch, Keisa2021POSTER
3 Adaptation of the Mayo Clinic's HABIT Program to a Virtual PlatformRobinson, Allegra2021Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) is considered a decline in cognitive function beyond normal aging that is less debilitating than dementia and does not yet significantly impair daily function (Jongsiriyanyong & Limpawattana, 2018; Sanford, 2017). Dementia occurs when there is both cognitive impairmen...
4 Adaptation of the Mayo Clinic's HABIT Program to a Virtual PlatformRobinson, Allegra2021POSTER
5 Addressing Barriers to Substance use Screening During Prenatal VisitsReid, Adriana; Schultz, Catherine H.; Smid, Marcela2021POSTER
6 An Improved Hearing Screening Protocol for the Most Vulnerable InfantsBlatt, McKenzie; Johnson, Adrienne; Hamilton, Jennifer L.2021POSTER
7 An Online Education Program to Improve Adolescent Tobacco KnowledgeEllsworth, Chelsea L.; Clayton, Margaret F.2021POSTER
8 Assessing Patients' Social Needs While Delivering Emergency Nursing Care: A Pilot Evaluation to Inform the Use of a Screening ToolCheney, Janae2021With recent healthcare policy changes, including the creation of the accountable care organizations, screening for social risks such as food and housing insecurity has become increasingly common in the healthcare system. However, little is known about the social need screening practices in emergency...
9 Assessing Use of Blood Pressure Measurement GuidelinesCarlson, Amanda L.; Stults, Barry M.; Clayton, Margaret F.2021POSTER
10 Assessment & Utilization Improvement of Palliative Care in Older Adult OncologyDailey-Hansen, Amanda; Lynch, Keisa; Piper-Williams, Jaclyn2021POSTER
11 The Assessment and Documentation of PRN Psychotropic Medications and Effectiveness in the Inpatient Psychiatric SettingDervisevic, Amira; Morgan, Deborah E.2021POSTER
12 Assessment and Management of the Suicidal Patient: A Process Improvement FrameworkSeitz, Marie Christine M.; Garrett, Larry; Luistro, Elvina; Virgallito, Mary; Korkis, Leah2021POSTER
13 The Benefit of a NP Led On-site Clinic for a Small BusinessSeegmiller, Sandra; Doyon, Katherine2021POSTER
14 Clinical Narratives: An EBP-QI ProjectWard, Nicole2021It has long been understood that empathy, interprofessional teamwork, and a strong sense of community within the workplace are all components of an effective health care team (Hojat et al., 2015). These characteristics work together to improve the patient experience, which ultimately can have a posi...
15 Communication Toolkit Development to Mitigate Effects of COVID-19 Isolation on Residents of Long-Term Care FacilitiesSublett, Taylor2021POSTER
16 Connecting the Dots: The Impact of Bedside Shift Report on Nurse Communication and Patient SatisfactionKotobalavu, Cassidy2021The nursing shift change report is an essential component of nursing practice that allows for the exchange of relevant patient information from one professional to another (Sherman et al., 2013). Report is the transfer of responsibility, accountability and authority for a patient and their care from...
17 Connecting the Dots: The Impact of Bedside Shift Report on Nurse Communication and Patient SatisfactionKotobalavu, Cassidy2021POSTER
18 Creating a Nurse Care Manager Model to Implement at the South Main Clinic for Care of High-Risk Patients of the BirthCare HealthCare (BCHC) TeamGil, Alma2021POSTER
19 Creating a Pregnancy Nurse Care Manager Model in a Community ClinicGil, Alma2021Creating a Pregnancy Nurse Care Manager Model in a Community ClinicGrowth in rates of chronic health conditions and fragmentation of care in the United States healthcare system creates a demand for change in how health care is delivered (WHO, 2005; Luther et al., 2019). Currently, healthcare provide...
20 Decreased Inappropriate Antibiotic Prescribing for Cough in an Urgent CareRuda, Petr; Child, Clinton2021POSTER
21 Decreasing Falls with Injury in HospiceWerner, Rebecca A.; Child, Clint L.; Summers, Shalise2021POSTER
22 Decreasing Missed Opportunities for Simultaneous HPV Vaccination in AdolescentsOrchard, Kate; Sylvester, Robert; Good, Linsy; Beckstead, Alicia2021POSTER
23 Decreasing Serum Phosphorus Levels Through the Implementation of a Phosphorus Lowering Protocol in an Outpatient Hemodialysis ClinicKfoury, Danielle; Sylvester, Robert; Hatch, Jenny2021POSTER
24 Delayed Umbilical Cord Clamping of Premature InfantsOrton, Melissa; Schiefelbein, Julieanne; Chan, Belinda2021POSTER
25 Development of a Burnout Toolkit for Inpatient Psychiatric NursesMcKell, Katey; Clifton, Jennifer2021POSTER
26 Documenting Patient Mobility: Design of Electronic Tools for a Team ApproachHollister, Kristina2021More than 35 million patients in the United states are hospitalized each year, with many of these patients concurrently experiencing hospital-acquired impairments related to their physical mobility during their hospitalization (Hoyer et al., 2016). Hoyer et al. (2014) demonstrated that adults admitt...
27 Early Mobility for Better Outcomes of Ventilated PatientsBrandt, Jennifer; Johnson, Linda2021POSTER
28 Effectiveness of an Education Intervention to Improve Depression Screening Rates in the Emergency DepartmentPatterson, Emmy Lou2021POSTER
29 Engaging Providers and Support Staff for Evidence-Based HPV Vaccination Practices in a Rural Colorado CommunityWagner, Anna; Kepka, Deanna; Christini, Kaila; McGough, Emily; Garrett, Larry2021POSTER
30 Enrolling Patients into Diabetes Education in a Community-Free ClinicPham, Steven; Clayton, Margaret; Litchman, Michelle2021POSTER
31 Establishing Earlier Full Enteral Feedings in the Hospitalized NeonateHamilton, Jennifer; Konana, Olive2021POSTER
32 Evaluation of an Electronic Signature Consent Expansion ProjectMorrill, Brett2021In July, 1999, the Uniform Law Commission (ULC) approved and recommended the ESIGN Act, enabling electronic signatures to have the same legal status as that of handwritten signatures in America (Tank & Whitaker, 2019). Therefore, this change allows paper consent forms for procedures in a healthcare ...
33 Evaluation of Patient Safety Data and Patient Experience Surveys to Identify Common ThemesMonter, Renee2021POSTER
34 Evaluation of Patient Safety Data and Patient Experience Surveys to Identify Themes between the Two Sets of DataMonter, Renee2021Patient safety is a top priority for healthcare system leaders, providers, and patients, but data can often fall through the cracks. An increasing number of healthcare systems are adopting patient safety reporting systems, yet leveraging this data to improve safety remains a challenge, particularly...
35 Evaluation of the Electronic Signature Consent ProjectMorrill, Brett2021POSTER
36 Evaluation of the Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Role in a Level II NurserySeeholzer, Hanna; Rigby, Marilyn; Hoggan, Tricia2021POSTER
37 Exploring Implementation Strategies for a Case Management Social Needs AssessmentHaynes, Robyn2021Social determinates of health (SDoH) (Appendix A) are defined by the World Health Organization (2017) as conditions that people are born, grow, live, work, and age in (Fink-Samnick, 2018a). Individuals that are affected by SDoH are the most vulnerable in society, incurring 50% of the health care c...
38 Exploring Implementation Strategies for a Case Management Social Needs AssessmentHaynes, Robyn2021POSTER
39 Facilitators and Barriers to Recruitment, Retention and Job Satisfaction for Men in Nursing, Implications and RecommendationsNerges, John A.; Garrett, Larry; Allen, Nancy A.2021POSTER
40 Health Care Liaison Role Creation for Utah's Juvenile Justice SystemBradford, Kathleen2021The Juvenile Justice System (JJS) provides a system of rehabilitation and interventions for adolescents accused of committing a delinquent or criminal act (Youth.Gov, n.d.). The Utah Division of JJS provides a variety of interventions and programs to promote rehabilitation opportunities for youth o...
41 Health Care Liaison Role for Utah Juvenile Justice SystemBradford, Kathleen2021POSTER
42 Holding Neonates on High Frequency Jet VentilationDavies, Bailey C.; Hardin, Pamela; Olson, Peter; Ling, Con Yee2021POSTER
43 Identifying and Addressing Racial Bias in Maternal HealthFall, Jeelan; Simonsen, Sara; Ellis, Jessica Ann; Cohen, Susanna2021POSTER
44 Impact of a Professional Practice ModelHunter, Terri; Garrett, Larry; Gee, Julie2021POSTER
45 Implementation and Evaluation of Ketamine Protocol in Psychiatric ClinicKleinhenz, Hayden; Bullock, Randy2021POSTER
46 Implementation of a Mentorship Program in the Emergency Department to Improve Staff RetentionPalmer, Erin2021POSTER
47 Implementation of a Pediatric Trauma ScreenerAbbott, Kimberly A.; Morgan, Deborah E.2021POSTER
48 Implementation of a Proton Pump Inhibitor Deprescribing Action PlanWalters, Megan M.; Schultz, Catherine H.; Lynch, Keisa M.2021POSTER
49 Implementation of a Telehealth Primary Care Visit to Improve Maternal Care During the Delayed Postpartum PeriodCraigo, Jane; Schultz, Catherine; Al-Khudairi, Amanda2021POSTER
50 Implementation of an Improved Testicular Cancer Survivorship PlanWilson, Sara; Schultz, Catherine H.; Phunrab, Tenzin2021POSTER
51 Implementation of the Age-Friendly Health system's 4M Framework in an ambulatory care clinic in collaboration with GWECCrandall, Leslie G.2021POSTER
52 Implementation of the Age-Friendly Health System's 4M Framework in an Ambulatory Care System in Collaboration with UGECCrandall, Leslie G.2021The rapidly growing older adult population of the United States creates unique health care challenges. By 2060, demographers anticipate a near doubling of the over 65 cohort (Mather, 2019). Utah's latest census measures the over 65 population at 11.4%, about 365,000 people, with a seminal increase ...
53 Implementing a Discharge Protocol in a Skilled Nursing FacilityCook, Sarah2021POSTER
54 Implementing Screening for Substance Use in the Prenatal SettingMurray, Taylor; Simonsen, Sara; Smid, Marcela2021POSTER
55 Implementing the NIDA Quick Screen at Sugarhouse ClinicMoore, Francesca; Simonsen, Sara; Smid, Marcela2021POSTER
56 Improving Access to Naloxone and Opioid Resources through the Emergency DepartmentSteenblik, Jacob; Blitch, Alejandro; Jones, Andrew; Madsen, Troy; Garrett, Larry2021POSTER
57 Improving Advanced Care Planning for Allogeneic Bone Marrow Transplant PatientsJangard, Haley; Stryker, Whitney; Milne, Susanne; Alderden, Jenny2021POSTER
58 Improving Care for Women Experiencing Pregnancy Loss in the Emergency DepartmentFinch, Madison; Sylvester, Robert J.; Kaiser, Jen; Cole, Erin2021POSTER
59 Improving Collaborative Care by Embedding a Comprehensive Psychiatric Provider to an Outpatient Counseling ClinicWarren, Elisa2021POSTER
60 Improving Efficiency of the Discharge Process in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)Ghena, Chelsea; Child, Clint2021POSTER
61 Improving Electroconvulsive Therapy Pre-Procedure Processes In The Inpatient SettingMarden, Courtney; Morgan, Deborah2021POSTER
62 Improving Follow-Up For Post-Emergency Department COVID-19 Visits By Implementing Biometric Monitoring With A Focus On Staff's Attitude and AbilityBrems, David; Christensen, Scott2021POSTER
63 Improving HPV Vaccination Rates in Adults Ages 27-45 Years OldEden, Lacey; Child, Clinton; Martin, Suzanne2021POSTER
64 Improving Miscarriage Support in the Emergency DepartmentSmith, Jennifer; Phares, Pamela; Cole, Erin2021POSTER
65 Improving Novice Nurse TurnoverGarner, Kara S.; Garrett, Teresa; Hudspeth, Randall2021POSTER
66 Improving Palliative Care Knowledge Among NursesKelso, Taylor; Doyon, Katherine2021POSTER
67 Improving Patient Education Efficacy in Same-day SurgeryCox, Hannah2021With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the healthcare world has changed a great deal. Hospitals and health systems have sought ways to both reduce community transmission of the coronavirus while maintaining normal operations. In an area such as surgical services, a significant source of revenue for a ...
68 Improving Patient Education Efficacy in Same-day SurgeryCox, Hannah2021POSTER
69 Improving Patient Outcomes and the Well-being of the Healthcare Team Through the Sharing of Clinical NarrativeWard, Nicole2021POSTER
70 Improving Provider Care of Sexually Transmitted Infections in Utah with Public Health DetailingCuniberti, Rebecca A.; Lynch, Keisa; Genovesse, Kelsey2021POSTER
71 Improving Screening for Substance Use Disorder in PregnancyWittwer, Kaitlyn; Phares, Pamela; Tufts, Gillian2021POSTER
72 Improving Self-Measured/Home Blood Pressure Monitoring in Hypertensive PatientsLubina, Tristan Roman; Sylvester, Robert J.2021POSTER
73 Improving the Parent Experience in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Through Improved Provider CommunicationAlston, Hailey; Hamilton, Jennifer; Chan, Belinda2021POSTER
74 Improving the Quality of Documentation about Patient Safety Attendant CareSmith, Shane2021POSTER
75 Improving the Quality of Documentation about Patient Safety Attendant CareSmith, Shane2021Patient safety attendants (PSA) provide a critical service to ensure the safety of selected patients during their inpatient stay, but may incur high costs for a health care system. (Greeley et al., 2020, p. 317). One on one care is considered specialized treatment, which can be expensive for the pat...
76 Incorporating the WILD 5 Wellness Program at the Utah Pride CenterJennings, Deven R.; Webb, Sara; Jain, Saundra2021POSTER
77 Increasing Awareness of Magnesium Insufficiency in a Mental Health ClinicCovington, Joel; Al-Khudairi, Amanda; Bailey, ElLois2021POSTER
78 Increasing Contraceptive Access in Rural Southeastern UtahArmstrong, Katrina; Phares, Pamela; Pendergrass, Danielle Howa2021POSTER
79 Increasing Contraceptive Use in Rural Latina WomenMorgan, Stephanie; Litchman, Michelle; Clifton, Jennifer2021POSTER
80 Increasing Mental Wellness Through a 30-Day Lifestyle InterventionMorrison, Sarah2021POSTER
81 Increasing MyChart Use in Heart Failure Patients: A Quality Improvement ProjectKasavana, Liza; Allen, Nancy A.; Ugolini, Sharon2021POSTER
82 Increasing NIDA Screening Rates by Obstetric ProvidersWoods, Windi; Lichtman, Michelle; Smid, Marcela2021POSTER
83 Increasing Palliative Care Consultation Rates in a Level I Trauma Intensive Care UnitPace, Kathryn; Place, Aubrey; Sylvester, Robert J.2021POSTER
84 Increasing Pneumococcal Vaccine Rates Among Older Adult Population in a Rural AreaAsper, Molly; Allen, Nancy A.2021POSTER
85 Increasing Provider Adherence to Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Clinical GuidelinesWatson, Claire; Martin, Suzanne; Genovesse, Kelsey2021POSTER
86 Increasing Well-Child Checks Among Rural AdolescentsCook, Dustin L.; Schultz, Catherine H.; Quinton, C. Kim2021POSTER
87 Infant Flowsheet OptimizationPhengphoo, Saifon2021Nursing documentation is crucial in several ways for delivering safe patient care and is used to support multiple components of care delivery. First, it is important for communicating patients' conditions and nursing care plans among healthcare providers, the patient's family, and other parties. Nur...
88 The Infant Flowsheet Optimization ProjectPhengphoo, Saifon2021POSTER
89 Integrating Age-Friendly Concepts to Improve Care for Older Adults : Adopting the 4M TechniqueMartinez, Jason M.2021POSTER
90 Integrating Age-Friendly Concepts to Improve Care for Older Adults: Adopting the 4M TechniqueMartinez, Jason M.2021As nurses, we recognize where healthcare disparities for older adults exist and are conscientious towards achieving quality health outcomes based on the needs and preferences of older adults. Research demonstrates that creating an age-friendly healthcare system (AFHS) helps improve assessment and c...
91 Investigating the Impact of a Shared Patient-Staff Educational Tool on Heart Failure and Fluid RestrictionRodriguez, Anna M.2021POSTER
92 Investigating the Impact of a Shared Patient-Staff Educational Tool on Heart Failure and Fluid Restriction in a Cardiovascular Care UnitRodriguez, Anna M.2021When HF is inadequately managed, it can lead to worse health outcomes for patients and increased costs due to associated comorbidities and hospital readmissions (Buja et al., 2016; Kwok et al., 2020; Lahewala et al., 2019). Frequent hospital admissions can significantly disrupt the lives of HF patie...
93 Latino Colorectal Cancer ScreeningsTellez-Hernandez, Jesse; Garrett, Teresa2021POSTER
94 Loss to Follow-Up in American Indians with DiabetesHansen, Madeline; Litchman, Michelle L.; Puri, Danielle; Hinton, Kristie2021POSTER
95 Meeting Patients Where They Are: A Nurse-Driven Quality Improvement Project to Provide Influenza Vaccinations in the Emergency DepartmentHunsaker, Stacie; Garrett, Larry; Merrill, Katreena2021POSTER
96 Meeting Theory-to-Practice Gaps? Evaluation of New GraduatesThomas, Daphne; Bullock, Randy; Merrill, Katreena2021POSTER
97 Metabolic Bone Disease of PrematurityClasby, Lindsey; Messick, Jennifer2021POSTER
98 Mindfulness-Based Initiative for Stress-Reduction Among Nursing StudentsNielsen, Julie; Schultz, Catherine H.; Splosdoff, Allison C.2021POSTER
99 NICU Journey to DischargeBanyai, Kaley A.; Schiefelbein, Julieanne; Kranz, Clare2021POSTER
100 Non-Pharmacologic Pain Interventions in the Neuro ICUHarko, Kristin; Alderden, Jenny; Doucette, Cassidy2021POSTER
101 Nurse-Led Sexual Health Communication & Interventions in the Care of Women with Cancers Affecting the Female Reproductive System (Gynecologic & Breast Malignancies)Ekpoma, Victoria2021POSTER
102 Nurse-Led Sexual Health Interventions in the Care of Women with Cancers Affecting the Female Reproductive System (Gynecologic & Breast Malignancies)Ekpoma, Victoria2021The pathology, disease process and treatment options/modalities in the management of cancers affecting the female reproductive system (CAFRS), which includes gynecologic cancers (uterine, ovarian, cervical and vaginal malignancies) as well as breast cancers, have been widely shown to adversely affec...
103 Nursing Documentation of Patient Mobility Using AMPAC and JH-HLM Scoring ToolsHollister, Kristina2021POSTER
104 Nursing Orders on FHIR: Information ModelingYusuf, Saldi2021POSTER
105 Nursing Orders on FHIR: Information Modeling of Nursing Orders to Facilitate InteroperabilityYusuf, Saldi2021Nursing orders are used to communicate requests for nursing actions for patient care. A nursing order may contain requests to assess, care, teach, manage, and so forth, and may be simple or complex. While the Clinical Care Classification System (CCC) has a well-defined nursing action hierarchy in it...
106 Nutrition Management in Cystic Fibrosis Infants Utilizing TelehealthFehr, Karli; Hamilton, Jennifer; McDonald, Katie2021POSTER
107 Objective Sedation Monitoring in an Adult Intensive Care UnitRieber, Tom; Jarvis, Matthew2021POSTER
108 Optimizing Care Delivery for Newborns with Neonatal Opioid Withdrawal Syndrome (NOWS)Meyer, Kimberly; Garrett, Teresa; Muniyappa, Bhanu2021POSTER
109 Optimizing the Intubation Process in the NICUOlsen, Allison; Hardin, Pamela2021POSTER
110 Optimizing time to treatment for Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE) for transported neonatesDeLaney, Kathryn; Hamilton, Jennifer; Baserga, Mariana; DuPont, Tara2021POSTER
111 Oropharyngeal Colostrum Exposure-An Underutilized and Neglected Intervention Among Preterm InfantsJensen, Lindsey; Schefeilbein, Julieanne; Davidson, Jessica2021POSTER
112 Physician Provision of Mindfulness-Based Coping Skills to their Pediatric Patient's Parents and CaregiversRainey, Tara; Webb, Sara2021POSTER
113 Post-Treatment Follow-Up Protocol for Migraine PatientsDavis, Willard R.; Clayton, Margaret F.2021POSTER
114 Preprocedural Patient EducationParker, Tesla A.2021POSTER
115 Preprocedural Patient Education and Improving Patient Outcomes and SatisfactionParker, Tesla A.2021With an increasing number of surgical and outpatient procedures being performed in the United States each year, positive patient outcomes and experiences are more important than ever before. Ensuring positive outcomes for all parties involved needs to begin prior to patients even reaching the hospit...
116 Promoting Preceptor Preparation: A QI Project to Better Intern & Patient OutcomesMathews, Kiara2021POSTER
117 Promoting Preceptor Preparation: A QI Project to Better Intern and Patient OutcomesMathews, Kiara2021It was observed by staff on a surgical services unit that new interns were often being precepted by registered nurses (RNs) who had just graduated from the nursing internship program themselves (M. Weller, personal communication, January 26, 2021). It was also found that many nurses taking on the ro...
118 Provider Self-Efficacy with End-of-Life CareAndrade, Micah; Jarvis, Matthew Chuck; Bannon, Meredith2021POSTER
119 Providing Rest Breaks for ICU NursesEmery, Katrina R.; Doyon, Katherine; Whitlock, Megan Jean2021POSTER
120 Quality Improvement on Continuous Intravenous Heparin Administration: Closing the Nursing Knowledge Gap to Reduce Medication ErrorsNelson, Kylee2021POSTER
121 Quality Improvement on Continuous Intravenous Heparin Administration: Closing the Nursing Knowledge Gap to Reduce Medication Errors; NomogramsNelson, Kylee2021Anticoagulants are considered a high-alert or a high-risk medication (D'Souza et al., 2019; Johnson et al., 2018; Kindelin et al., 2020; Oertel & Heparin Consensus Group, 2004). This is due to their narrow therapeutic index and the "ability to cause significant patient harm or death" ...
122 Reducing Burnout Among Psychiatric Registered Nurses and TechniciansAh You, Michael; Al-Khudairi, Amanda; Schlaich, Ashley; Hicks, Ryan2021POSTER
123 Reducing Burnout and Improving Mental Health Among Educators in an Elementary SchoolParry, Amy2021POSTER
124 Reducing Continuous Urinary Catheter Use in Postpartum WomenMerrill, Eric; Phares, Pamela2021POSTER
125 Reducing Intrafamilial Early-Psychosis Stigma: An Online Asynchronous ApproachZurcher, Nathan2021POSTER
126 Reducing Self-Stigma in Mental Health Workers in an Inpatient Psychiatric SettingRiley, Colin; Bailey, ElLois; Gee, Perry2021POSTER
127 Reducing Stigma Against Buprenorphine in Those Who Treat Substance Use DisordersPeterson, Erica; Bailey, ElLois; Schaat, Timothy2021POSTER
128 Reducing the Duration of Peripheral Intravenous Catheter Dwell Time in Women at Low-Risk for Postpartum HemorrhageMorris, Nathan M.; Phares, Pamela2021POSTER
129 Routine Laboratory Monitoring in the Adult Chemotherapy PopulationPendergrass, Mikka; Jarvis, Matthew Chuck; Johnson, Linda S.2021POSTER
130 Scoliosis Bracing Compliance in Adolescent Idiopathic ScoliosisLofgren, Mary Beth; Sylvester, Robert; Kunkel, Mindee2021POSTER
131 Screening for Cardiometabolic Risk in Reproductive Age WomenJones, Angela M.; Phares, Pamela2021POSTER
132 Screening for Social Needs in the Emergency DepartmentBadgerow, Alaina2021POSTER
133 Sepsis Bundle Compliance in the Emergency DepartmentWilson, Teya; Johnson, Linda2021POSTER
134 Simulation Based Assessment for a Didactic Curriculum in Intubated Pediatric Burn PatientsDaniels, Emily; Johnson, Linda; Gauthier, Kristy; Lewis, Giavonni2021POSTER
135 Social Needs Screening in the Emergency Department: Workflow Analysis and Creating EducationBadgerow, Alaina2021Healthy People 2020 emphasizes the need to develop and transform environments, both socially and physically that improve health for everyone as one of the four main goals for the upcoming decade (Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, 2020). This focus demonstrates the need to look at th...
136 Strengthening Perinatal Collaboratives and Improving Thermoregulation in NewbornsKing, Giovana M.; Simonsen, Sara; Rigby, M.; LaBronte, Kimberly2021POSTER
137 Suicide Prevention in Utah SchoolsBischof, Shyler; Bailey. Lois; Lundell, Danny2021POSTER
138 Therapeutic Inertia in Type 2 Diabetes: A Needs AssessmentAu, Victoria; Litchman, Michelle; McGarry, Brady2021POSTER
139 Translation of HABIT Program for Mild Cognitive Impairment to a Virtual PlatformTolley, Vic2021Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) is an intermediate state between normal cognition and dementia (Peterson, 2021). According to Peterson (2021), MCI refers to cognitive impairment, however it does not meet criteria for dementia, but is more than normal aging. Dementia is a condition that is characteri...
140 Translation of HABIT Program for Mild Cognitive Impairment to a Virtual PlatformTolley, Vic2021POSTER
141 Trauma-Informed Care Education ToolkitManwaring, Tanner; Al-Khudairi, Amanda; Earnshaw, Dallas2021POSTER
142 Unacknowledged CPOE Improvement ProjectBersick, Ben2021The advent of computerized physician order entries (CPOE) paralleled the adoption of electronic medical records (EMR) (Zhivan & Diana, 2012). CPOE form the backbone of care provision for patients in hospital settings and have been recognized as a major factor in preserving patient safety (Wang et al...
143 Unacknowledged CPOE Improvement ProjectBersick, Ben2021POSTER
144 Understanding Nurses' Perspectives for Social Needs Survey in the Emergency DepartmentCheney, Janae2021POSTER
145 Underutilization of Routine Mental Health Screening by Pediatric ProvidersGardiner, Becky; Al-Khudairi, Amanda; Warcup, Ali2021POSTER
146 Using a Depression Toolkit to Increase Faculty Engagement on the Frontlines of Students Mental HealthCurtis, Brady; Litchman, Michelle; Parson, Chris2021POSTER
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