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1 Walsh & Hoyt: The Efferent Arc of the Pupil Light Reflexehsl_novel_novelText
2 Mechanisms of action of centrally acting antihypertensive drugs.ir_etdText
3 Walsh & Hoyt: Sympathetic Pathway for Lacrimationehsl_novel_novelText
4 Sympathetic Outflow Pathwayehsl_novel_novelText
5 Painful Horner Syndrome as a Presentation of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma: A Carotid Dissection Mimicking Lesionehsl_novel_nam
6 Page 32ir_etd
7 Page 32ir_etd
8 Horner syndrome associated with contusion of the longus colli muscle simulating a tumor.ehsl_novel_jnoText
9 How Do I Evaluate Horner Syndrome in an Adult? (Slides)ehsl_novel_nam
10 Acquired Heterochromia with Horner's Syndrome in Two Adultsehsl_novel_namText
11 Evidence for activation of cyclic AMP in a bulbospinal noradrenergic pathway.ir_etdText
12 Iatrogenic Horner's syndrome secondary to chest tube thoracostomy.ehsl_novel_jnoText
13 Segmental Facial Anhidrosis and Tonic Pupils with Preserved Deep Tendon Reflexesehsl_novel_jnoText
14 Pourfour du Petit Syndrome Associated With a Cervical Vertebral Anomalyehsl_novel_jnoText
15 The Pupilsehsl_novel_namText
16 How Do I Evaluate Horner Syndrome in an Adult? (Abstract)ehsl_novel_nam
17 Infantile Horner's Syndrome due to Ectopic Thymus Glandehsl_novel_nam
18 Selective inhibition of central sympathetic neurons by morphine and its reversal by naloxone.ir_etdText
19 Anisocoriaehsl_novel_leeImage/MovingImage
20 The Light Induced Electromyogram (EMG): A Reflex Pathway Integrating the Melanopsin Retinal Ganglion Cell, Trigeminal Sensory Nucleus and Facial Nerveehsl_novel_namText
21 Reversible chest tube horner syndrome.ehsl_novel_jnoText
22 Reversible chest tube horner syndrome.ehsl_novel_jnoText
23 Positive Apraclonldine Test In Horner Syndrome Caused by Thalamic Hemorrhageehsl_novel_jnoText
24 Horner's Pharmacological Testingehsl_novel_leeImage/MovingImage
25 Traumatic Horner Syndrome without Anhidrosisehsl_novel_jnoText
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