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1 1-28Transillumination - Ciliary Body Neurofibromas1Example of transillumination on a patient with neurofibromatosis, but without Lisch nodules. Shows suspected neurofibromas in the ciliary body.Transillumination; Examination, Ocular; Ciliary Body Neurofibromas1; Neurofibromatosis1
2 1-29Transillumination - Lisch nodulesDemonstration of transillumination of the Lisch nodules on a patient with neurofibromatosis. Shows how Lisch nodules that were not very visible in slit-lamp examination are better seen with transillumination, which may therefore be useful in detecting Lisch nodules earlier in children where they are...Transillumination; Examination, Ocular; Lisch nodules; Neurofibromatosis1
1 - 25 of 2