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1 2-4See-Saw NystagmusExample of a patient with see-saw nystagmus, showing how one eye elevates as the other depresses, with the elevating eye intorting as the depressing eye extorts. Shows vertical oscillations with pendular waveforms. Suggests a large structural lesion in the pericellar region (associated with bi-tempo...See-Saw Nystagmus
2 Katz_seesawSee-Saw Nystagmus7-year-old female whose mother noticed her eyes "bouncing" for 2 months. Visual acuity 20/70 OD and 20/40 OS, reduced color vision OU, and no afferent pupillary defect. See-saw nystagmus documented with videography. Manual perimetry revealed a complete right homonymous hemianopia. MRI revealed a lar...See-Saw Nystagmus
3 CorT1_with_11.jpgSee-saw Nystagmus MRI 1MRI; See-saw NystagmusSee-saw Nystagmus
4 SagT1_with_11.jpgSee-saw Nystagmus MRI 2MRI; See-saw NystagmusSee-saw Nystagmus
1 - 25 of 4