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1 1-20Facial Myokymia UnilateralExample of patient with facial myokymia, a disorder of the seventh nerve, probably due to brain stem involvement. Patient has multiple sclerosis. Discussion of characteristics, such as continuous, undulating, contractions in the distribution of the seventh nerve, and a spreading of these movements t...Superior Oblique Myokymia; Facial Myokymia Unilateral; Facial Myokymia
2 2-19Superior Oblique MyokymiaExample of patients with superior oblique myokymia, a saccadic intrusion. First patient is seen to have intermittent, intorting movements with superimposed slight vertical deviations in right eye. Discussion of disorder as benign, but frequently disabling, as patients experience episodes of diplopia...Superior Oblique Myokymia; Third Nerve Palsy
3 NOVEL_Moran_2-25Superior Oblique MyokymiaSuperior Oblique Myokymia; Myokymia
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