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1 Fordham and Arthur L. Goodhartuu_law_clpImage/StillImage
2 Fordham and Samuel H. Daroffuu_law_clpImage/StillImage
3 Fordham and Samuel H. Daroff Newspaper Clippinguu_law_clpImage/StillImage
4 Fordham at the Fellowship Commission Dinneruu_law_clpImage/StillImage
5 Fordham at the Roberts Lectureuu_law_clpImage/StillImage
6 Fordham Goup Photographuu_law_clpImage/StillImage
7 Fordham Group Photo with Jackson, Mulligan, and Walker at the University of Pennsylvaniauu_law_clpImage/StillImage
8 Fordham Group Photographuu_law_clpImage/StillImage
9 Fordham Group Photograph at the University of Pennsylvaniauu_law_clpImage/StillImage
10 Fordham Group Photos with Fisher and Harvey at the University of Pennsylvaniauu_law_clpImage/StillImage
11 Fordham Group portraituu_law_clpImage/StillImage
12 Fordham Group portraituu_law_clpImage/StillImage
13 Fordham Honors Thomas D. McBride for His Service as President of the Fellowship Commissionuu_law_clpImage/StillImage
14 Fordham Law Alumni Dayuu_law_clpImage/StillImage
15 Fordham Newspaper Clipping at the University of Pennsylvania Annual Reunion 1959uu_law_clpImage/StillImage
16 Fordham Newspaper Clipping: Presents National Fellowship Award to Hubert Humphreyuu_law_clpImage/StillImage
17 Fordham on the Cover of Law Alumni Day University of Pennsylvaniauu_law_clpImage/StillImage
18 Fordham Outstanding Achivement Awarduu_law_clpImage/StillImage
19 Fordham Photo of Commencement at the University of Pennsylvaniauu_law_clpImage/StillImage
20 Fordham Photographuu_law_clpImage/StillImage
21 Fordham Photographuu_law_clpImage/StillImage
22 Fordham Photographuu_law_clpImage/StillImage
23 Fordham Photograph of Peggy Swenson and Rita Fordhamuu_law_clpImage/StillImage
24 Fordham Photograph of the Swenson River Tripuu_law_clpImage/StillImage
25 Fordham Photograph with Robert W. Swenson and Rita Fordhamuu_law_clpImage/StillImage
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