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1 The Promise and Limits of Lifelong Learning in Utah: The Case of HB60McKean-Pett, Claire1999The concept of lifelong learning - continued learning throughout the complete life span - enjoys mainstream recognition and support in the United States. The challenge facing state funded institutions of higher education is the design, implementation and support of programs targeting the unique need...Learning; Aged; Students; Retirement; Education, Continuing; Mentors; Social Facilitation; Social Networking; Self Concept; Personal Satisfaction; Legislation; Public Policy; Aging Populations; Lifelong Learning; Adult Education; HB60; Tuition Waiver
2 Evaluating the Caregiver Burden Inventory (CBI) for Determininig Eligibility for Respite ServicesCurtis, Kitt C.1999Community resources available to caregivers of adults who are suffering from chronic long-term illnesses are limited. Providing needed intervention through respite services to caregivers can benefit the recipients by easing their caregiving burden. Such assistance can improve the quality of life as ...Caregivers; Long-Term Care; Dependency (Psychology); Stress, Psychological; Self-Assessment; Community Networks; Social Support; Needs Assessment; Eligibility Determination; Questionnaires; Interview; Aging Populations; Caregiver Burden Inventory; Emotional Burden; Respite Services
3 Participation of Widowed Older Adults in a Self-Care and Health Education Program: Application of the Theory of Reasoned ActionRice, Sarah Jane1999Decreased morbidity and mortality are just two of the documented outcomes from health promotion activities. Older adults who have recently lost a spouse are potentially at greater risk of compromised health and of becoming more functionally dependent. They can potentially benefit from health promoti...Spouses; Widowhood; Grief; Bereavement; Adaptation, Psychological; Health Promotion; Attitude to Health; Health Literacy; Health Behavior; Self Care; Independent Living; Outcome Assessment (Health Care); Health Education; Questionnaires; Aging Populations; Well-Being; Functional Independence; Aging ...
4 The Influence of Historical Roles of Caregiving on African-Americans Today: A Multi-Dimensional PerspectiveAllen, Reginald L.1999This paper examines the historical tradition of African caregiving in African American culture and how this cultural tradition may continue to influence African American caregivers today. This paper investigates, highlights, and identifies the ways this cultural tradition of caregiving from Africa t...Caregivers; African Americans; Cultural Characteristics; Cultural Diversity; Ethnic Groups; Family; Religion; Culture; Social Support; Gerontology; Aging Populations; African American Caregivers
5 Increasing Safe Medication Practices in Older Adults: An Assessment of Needs and Educational AwarenessChristensen, Sandra F.1999As the population ages the risk of chronic illness increases, necessitating the acceptance of a long-term medication regimen. Increasing the numbers of daily medications may result in adverse drug reactions, unsafe medication practices, and non-compliance. Non-compliance, which can result in hospita...Aged; Social Isolation; Communication Barriers; Cooperative Behavior; Patient Safety; Patient Education as Topic; Health Education; Health Promotion; Attitude to Health; Independent Living; Activities of Daily Living; Quality of Life; Self Care; Self Concept; Self Efficacy; Chronic Disease; Needs As...
6 The Development of a Clinical Gerontology Lab for Physical Therapy Students: Curriculum StrategiesNelson, Jennifer1999Physical therapists are currently being educated and trained to be "generalists". Most physical therapy curricula are designed with the intent of providing the basic components necessary to treat any patient population. The students are encouraged to obtain "specialized" education through their choi...Physical Therapists; Education, Professional; Curriculum; Physical Therapy Specialty; Health Services for the Aged; Physical Examination; Geriatric Assessment; Rehabilitation; Recovery of Function; Gerontology; Aging Populations; Geriatric Care
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