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1 Elder American Indians: Implications for Service DeliveryDuBois, Katharina1997This project focused on the demographics and the service needs of American Indian elders, and their families. Specifically, this project reviewed the literature regarding the following issues: (1) "why" elders and their families do not utilise services which arc available to them; (2) is the lack of...Indians, North American; Family Characteristics; Health Promotion; Activities of Daily Living; Caregivers; Long-Term Care; Quality of Life; Cultural Diversity; Health Policy; Social Support; Delivery of Health Care; Aging Populations; Indian Elders; Optimal Aging
2 Preparing the Salt Lake County Outreach Program for the 21st Century: Using Modern Technologies to Meet Future NeedsJorgensen, Paula Warner1997Utah, as well as the nation, is experiencing dramatic growth in the number of elderly persons. Although many of today's seniors are healthier and more affluent than previous generations, many are also at risk because of limitations in income, health, and lack of connection to available resources. Se...Community-Institutional Relations; Access to Information; Activities of Daily Living; Self Care; Consumer Participation; Health Education; Health Services Needs and Demand; Technology; Outreach; Aging Populations
3 Physical Activity and the Older Adult: Assessing the Status of Exercise Programs in Salt Lake County Seniors CentersMatsukawa, Joi T.1997The quantity of human life has been increased, it is now time to focus on increasing the "quality" of those added years. More than 80% of older adults in the United States suffer from at least one chronic disease. Physical activity has been shown to decrease the incidence of many chronic diseases, y...Aged; Activities of Daily Living; Quality of Life; Attitude to Health; Social Participation; Exercise; Walking; Swimming; Exercise Therapy; Self Efficacy; Power (Psychology); Self Concept; Goals; Chronic Disease; Primary Prevention; Health Promotion; Aging Populations; Social Cognitive Theory; Senio...
4 Salt Lake County Aging Services Outreach Program HandbookJorgensen, Paula1997Salt Lake County Aging Services, Outreach Division, gratefully acknowledges the work of Paula Jorgensen, University of Utah Gerontology Center, in evaluating, updating, and improving the organization of this handbook to help us accomplish our mission goals more effectively.Health Services for the Aged; Government Programs; Health Systems Agencies; Assisted Living Facilities; Residential Facilities; Health Facilities; Self-Help Groups; Community-Institutional Relation; Outreach; Handbooks; Directory; Gerontology Programs; Aging Populations
5 Design for a Workshop to Train Physical therapy Aides to Work with Geritraic Patients in Long-Term Care SettingsMorris, Marilyn1997Physical therapy aides are being used for rehabilitation services in increasing numbers as a result of managed care programs and a need to reduce health care costs. In addition, the growing numbers of the frail elderly population have increased the need for rehabilitation services. However, physical...Education, Nonprofessional; Long-Term Care; Frail Elderly; Rehabilitation; Physical Therapy Specialty; Education; Community Health Workers; Managed Care Programs; Health Services for the Aged; Health Care Costs; Aging Populations; Physical Therapy Aides;; Training
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