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1 Downbeat nystagmus and convergence spasmThis is a 60-yo-woman with vertical oscillopsia related to her downbeat nystagmus, and diplopia related to an intermittent esotropia. When the esotropia was present, with versions there were bilateral abduction deficits. With ductions and the vestibulo-ocular reflex, it was apparent that the range o...Convergence-abnormal, Range-abnormal, Sixth nerve palsy, Convergence spasm, Cerebellar pathology, Jerk nystagmus, Downbeat nystagmus
2 Organic Convergence Spasm and Nystagmus in Posterior Fossa LymphomaThis is a 20-year-old woman, who 9 months prior to this video, first experienced episodes of vertigo and vomiting occurring when lying down or rolling over in bed. Gastrointestinal work-up was unrevealing and MRI was performed which demonstrated "multifocal nodular enhancing lesions along the ependy...Spasm
3 Vertical-Torsional Pendular Nystagmus and Convergence Spasm Due to Anti-MaTa EncephalitisThis is a 50-yo-woman with debilitating oscillopsia due to a high frequency (6 Hz) vertical-torsional pendular (quantitative eye movement recordings were performed) nystagmus. She also had intermittent double vision due to (organic) convergence spasm. Her nystagmus and spasm were thought to be relat...Mesencephalon; Pendular nystagmus; Convergence spasm
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