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1 Congenital nystagmusPresented here are two patients with congenital nystagmus demonstrating characteristic features including: mixed pendular and jerk nystagmus (usually gaze-evoked) waveforms, stays horizontal even in vertical gaze, suppression with convergence, strabismus and a latent component (common but not always...Jerk Nystagmus, Pendular Nystagmus, Latent Nystagmus, Congenital Acquired Nystagmus
2 Eye signs in infantile esotropia - latent nystagmus and inferior oblique overactionThis is a 25-yo-man with a history of amblyopia and intermittent eye crossing. On exam, he had a comitant 25 prism diopter esotropia, and other features of infantile (or congenital) esotropia including: latent nystagmus (right-beating nystagmus with occlusion of the left eye and left-beating nystagm...Jerk Nystagmus, Latent Nystagmus, Abnormal Range, Assessing Abnormal Alignment
3 Latent nystagmus and DVD in infantile esotropiaThis is a 20-year-old woman with infantile esotropia (s/p strabismus surgery as a child) who demonstrated latent nystagmus and presumed dissociated vertical deviation (DVD) OS, which are commonly seen with infantile esotropia (also inferior oblique overaction and monocular nasotemporal asymmetry to ...Alignment abnormal; Jerk nystagmus; Latent nystagmus
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