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1 Head-Shaking NystagmusHead-shaking nystagmus: With a peripheral lesion, similar to vibration, transiently accentuates vestibular asymmetry when baseline VOR function is asymmetric, central patterns are well described and have localizing value (e.g., causing vertical nystagmus after horizontal head-shaking, horizontal nys...Nystagmus, Head-shaking nystagmus, Exam
2 Head-Shaking-Induced Nystagmus Following Ramsay Hunt VestibulopathyThis is a 50-year-old man who experienced the abrupt onset of imbalance, dizziness and left-sided hearing loss 4 months prior to this examination. He was found to have herpetic vesicles in the left external auditory canal and diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome. On exam (4 months after the onset), t...Vestibular Nystagmus; Head-Shaking; Jerk Nystagmus; Vestibularcochlear; Acute Vestibular Syndrome
3 Provocative Maneuvers (Removal of Fixation, Vibration, Head-Shaking) to Accentuate Peripheral Vestibular Nystagmus)With an acute destructive process like vestibular neuritis that causes significant unilateral vestibular loss, spontaneous nystagmus is always present. However, over days to months, spontaneous nystagmus should resolve completely. In a patient with vestibular neuritis involving the right side, left-...Headshaking Nystagmus
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