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1 Optokinetic nystagmusDuring the bedside evaluation of optokinetic nystagmus (OKN), the patient is instructed to look at each red (or white) square as it moves past. Because this is not a full-field visual stimuli, using an optokinetic flag mainly allows the examiner to quickly evaluate for right/left and up/down symmet...Optokinetic Nystagmus
2 Test Your Knowledge - Optokinetic nystagmus with a parietal lesionGiven the finding seen in the first part of the video, which of the following associated features are most likely? (more than one answer may be correct); A.; Left homonymous visual field defect; B.; Right homonymous visual field defect; C.; Visual neglect and/or extinction; D.; Alexia without agraph...Abnormal OKN, Jerk Nystagmus
3 Test Your Knowledge - Vertical saccadic palsy due to bilateral riMLF infarctionsThis is a 30-year-old who was found minimally responsive on the lounge floor of an ice skating rink. He was brought to the ED, where he had a GCS score of 8 (where 15 is normal) for poor responsiveness. His ocular motor exam is shown in the video.; ; Regarding Finding #1, which of the following is f...Abnormal Saccades, Normal Optokinetic, Abnormal Range, Vertical Gaze Palsy, Upgaze Palsy, Downgaze Palsy, Mesencephalon, Ocular Motor
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