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1 Test Your Knowledge - Acute Prolonged VertigoThis is a 60-year old man with diabetes presenting with acute onset prolonged vertigo that was ongoing at the time of this examination. Which of the following statements are true with regard to the localization and/or etiology of this patient's symptoms? A. Whether or not symptoms worsen with head ...Abnormal Alignment; Jerk Nystagmus; Vestibular Nystagmus; Acute Vestibular Syndrome; Video Head Impulse Test
2 Test Your Knowledge - Monocular OscillopsiaWhich of the following associated signs is most likely to be seen in this patient presenting with oscillopsia? A. Optic nerve pallor B. Palatal tremor C. Severe unilateral cataract D. Head bobbing E. Neurovascular contact on MR CISS/FIESTA imaging A. Correct. This patient has MS and had experienced ...Pendular Nystagmus
3 Test Your Knowledge - OscillopsiaThis 65-year-old man with multiple sclerosis described that objects in front of him appear to spontaneously jump or move horizontally for the last few months. He reported that his symptoms occur independent of head movements and head impulse testing was normal. After viewing the video, what is the m...Pendular Nystagmus; Jerk Nystagmus; Abducting Nystagmus; Internuclear Ophthalmoplegia
4 Vertical Vergence and Fusional AmplitudeEssential information on vertical fusional vergences.Normal Alignment; Abnormal Alignment; Fourth Nerve Palsy; Vergence; Fusional Amplitudes
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