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1 (Pro)myelocyte and neutrophilic granulocytes in bone marrow smear (human)2007-12-01ehsl_heal
2 : Localization of ED3-positive subpopulation of macrophages in spleen (rat)2010-06-11ehsl_heal
3 : Lymph node (human)2010-06-11ehsl_heal
4 : Lymph node (rat)2010-06-11ehsl_heal
5 A bare megakaryocyte nucleus and myelocytes in bone marrow smear (human)2007-12-01ehsl_heal
6 A bare megakaryocyte nucleus in bone marrow smear (human)2007-12-01ehsl_heal
7 A plasmacytoid lymphocyte in peripheral blood smear (human)2007-12-01ehsl_heal
8 Accidental involution of thymus (mouse, malaria infection)2010-06-11ehsl_heal
9 Acellular cementum in the tooth (longitudinal segment of coronal half of root; high magnification; human, adult)ehsl_heal
10 Acellular cementum in the tooth (longitudinal segment of coronal half of root; human, adult)ehsl_heal
11 Activated lymphocyte (liver inflammation, human)2007-12-01ehsl_heal
12 Advanced bell stage with ameloblasts and odontoblasts in tooth development - human embryoehsl_heal
13 Afferent lymph vessel in lymph node (human)2010-06-11ehsl_heal
14 Age involution of thymus (human)2010-06-11ehsl_heal
15 Age involution of thymus (human, postpuberal)2010-06-11ehsl_heal
16 Aggregation of platelets (liver, rat)2007-12-01ehsl_heal
17 Air-blood barrier in the lung (mammals)2006-09-28ehsl_heal
18 Alveolar cell type II (pneumocyte II) in an alveolus (dog)2006-09-28ehsl_heal
19 Alveolar cells in the lung (mammals)2006-09-28ehsl_heal
20 Alveolar duct in the lung (mouse)2006-09-28ehsl_heal
21 Alveolar macrophage in lung (rat)2006-09-28ehsl_heal
22 Alveolar macrophages in lung (human, adult)2006-09-28ehsl_heal
23 Alveolar sac in the lung (human)2006-09-28ehsl_heal
24 Alveolar septum in the lung (human, high magnification)2006-09-28ehsl_heal
25 Alveolus in lung (dog)2006-09-28ehsl_heal
1 - 25 of 635