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1 Assessing and Enhancing Blood Pressure Control Protocols2019ehsl_50discImage
2 Determinants of Fat Tissue Expansion2019ehsl_50discImage
3 Pinpointing Environmental Sources of Pediatric Asthma2019ehsl_50discImage
4 Commensal Microbes That Help Prevent Metabolic Disease2019ehsl_50discImage
5 Defining Essential Regions of the Human Genome2019ehsl_50discImage
6 Lipid Metabolism and Cardiometabolic Disease2019ehsl_50discImage
7 Ovarian Cancer Subtyping to Understand Risk, Treatment, Survival, and Racial/Ethnic Disparities2019ehsl_50discImage
8 Improved Prognostic Testing for Patients with Triple Negative Breast Cancer2019ehsl_50discImage
9 MicroRNA Regulation of Inflammation and Immunity2019ehsl_50discImage
10 Gene Expression and Health Risks2019ehsl_50discImage
11 Analyzing Human Pedigrees to Advance Genetics and Health2019ehsl_50discImage
12 Biological Consequences of Reduced Energy Flux and Inefficient Energy Generation2019ehsl_50discImage
13 Signaling Pathways That Underlie Heart Disease2019ehsl_50discImage
14 Structure and Function of the Polycystic Kidney Disease Channel2018ehsl_50discImage
15 Vascular Inflammation in Malaria Pathogenesis2018ehsl_50discImage
16 Diaphragm Development and Congenital Hernias2018ehsl_50discImage
17 Viral RNA Modulation of Host Gene Expression2017ehsl_50discImage
18 Function of a Gene Linked to Autism2017ehsl_50discImage
19 Rapid Identification of Microbial Pathogens2017ehsl_50discImage
20 Genes Responsible for Maintaining Embryonic Developmental Potential2017ehsl_50discImage
21 Defining Pathways for Formation and Suppression of Highly Metastatic Lung Tumors2017ehsl_50discImage
22 Regulation of Innate Immune Pathways2016ehsl_50discImage
23 Correcting the Genetic Error in Sickle Cell Disease2016ehsl_50discImage
24 Host-Microbe Battles over Iron2015ehsl_50discImage
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