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1 Corresondance between Sayigh and Sami Sharaf about a talk that Sayigh gave on television.1969Textuum_fasc
2 Sayegh Doctoral Dissertation: "Existential Philosophy," Georgetown University 1949: Letter to Father Yates, August 14, 19491949-08-14Textuum_fasc
3 End of the First Arab League Period, Decorated by the Lebanese Government 1958-1960: Photographs1958; 1959; 1960Textuum_fasc
4 Pamphlets: "Camp David and Palestine"1982Textuum_fasc
5 Pamphlets: "The Palestine Refugees"1952-02Textuum_fasc
6 Pamphlets: "Three Articles"1961Textuum_fasc
7 Aziz S. Atiya, Salt Lake City, Utah: an interview by Everett L. Cooley1985-08-12Text; Sounduum_elc
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