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1 Nomad Mapping, LLCir_etdInteractiveResource
2 Vista GIS, LLCir_etdInteractiveResource
3 A reappraisal of grandmothering and natural selectionir_uspaceInteractiveResource
4 Evaluating grandmother effectsir_uspaceInteractiveResource
5 Increased longevity evolves from grandmotheringir_uspaceInteractiveResource
6 Unbiased atlas formation via large deformations metric mappingir_uspaceInteractiveResource
7 Network inefficiencies in autism spectrum disorder at 24 monthsir_uspaceInteractiveResource
8 User-guided 3D active contour segmentation of anatomical structures: significantly improved efficiency and reliabilityir_uspaceInteractiveResource
9 Abnormal brain synchrony in down syndromeir_uspaceInteractiveResource
10 Probabilistic fiber tracking using particle filteringir_uspaceInteractiveResource
11 Frontolimbic neural circuitry at 6 months predicts individual differences in joint attention at 9 monthsir_uspaceInteractiveResource
12 Asymmetrical ventricular enlargement in Parkinsons Diseaseir_uspaceInteractiveResource
13 Fiber tract-oriented statistics for quantitative diffusion tensor MRI analysisir_uspaceInteractiveResource
14 Vessel tortuosity and brain tumor malignancy: a blinded studyir_uspaceInteractiveResource
15 Affluent hunters? Some comments in light of the Alyawara caseir_uspaceInteractiveResource
16 Kin selection and cultureir_uspaceInteractiveResource
17 Enhancing caBIG™ workflow for multi-tier distributionir_uspaceInteractiveResource
18 Quantitative tract-based white matter development from birth to age 2 yearsir_uspaceInteractiveResource
19 Brain lesion segmentation through physical model estimationir_uspaceInteractiveResource
20 Evaluation of brain MRI alignment with the Robust Hausdorff Distance Measuresir_uspaceInteractiveResource
21 Using a sharp metal tip to control the polarization and direction of emission from a quantum dotir_uspaceInteractiveResource
22 Ovarian follicle loss in humans and mice: lessons from statistical model comparisonir_uspaceInteractiveResource
23 Age-related decline in ovarian follicle stocks differ between chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) and humansir_uspaceInteractiveResource
24 Grandmothers and the evolution of human longevity: a review of findings and future directionsir_uspaceInteractiveResource
25 Human actuarial aging increases faster when background death rates are lower: a consequence of differential heterogeneity?ir_uspaceInteractiveResource
1 - 25 of 53