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1 Ranolazine: a new antianginal agent with a novel mechanism of actionir_uspaceImage/MovingImage
2 Resistenciair_uspaceImage/MovingImage
3 Resistenciair_uspaceImage/MovingImage
4 Twenty-second Annual Chicano Scholarship Awardsir_chicanosaImage/MovingImage
5 Twenty-first Annual Chicano Scholarship Awardsir_chicanosaImage/MovingImage
6 Community service (Chicano Scholarships 25th Anniversary)ir_chicanosaImage/MovingImage
7 2001 Chicano Scholarship Awardsir_chicanosaImage/MovingImage
8 Chicano Scholarship Fund: forty years of recognitionir_chicanosaImage/MovingImage
9 Chicano Scholarship Awards 1998ir_chicanosaImage/MovingImage
10 Chicano/a Scholarship 2012ir_chicanosaImage/MovingImage
11 Chicano/a Scholarship 2011ir_chicanosaImage/MovingImage
12 2002 Chicano Scholarship Awardsir_chicanosaImage/MovingImage
13 2012 Equity and Diversity Awardir_chicanosaImage/MovingImage
14 Plate17 Geologic map and sections of parts of the Magna, Lark, Fairfield, and Jordan Narrows quadrangles, Utahir_etd
15 Plate18 Geologic map of Rozel Hills, Utahir_etd
16 Catalytic and thermal effects in the upgrading of bitumen-derived heavy oils (Abstract only)ir_euaText
17 Catalytic upgrading of Asphalt Ridge bitumen over hydrodenitrogenation catalysts (Abstract only)ir_euaText
18 How Shell attempted to unlock Utah tar sandsir_eua
19 Hydrotreating the Whiterocks oil sand bitumen and bitumen-derived liquid (Abstract only)ir_euaText
20 Homogenizer/subsampler for tar sand process streamsir_eua
21 Hydrocarbon-induced cancer risks in oil shale processingir_eua
22 Hydraulic mining technique for recovering bitumen from tar sand depositir_eua
23 Hydraulic mining of tar sand bitumen with aggregate materialir_eua
24 Plate1-part1 Geologic map of the Central Mineral Range, Beaver County, Utahir_etdImage
25 Figure 4: Longitudinal profile of Middle Canyon showing locations of the profiles across the canyon, the nickpoint, and the hypothetical profile before rejuvenationir_etdImage
1 - 25 of 312