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1 The effects of dual credit enrollment on secondary and higher education outcomes: the utah caseir_etdText
2 Development and validation of a bond graph tendon model of the human finger with the anatomically correct testbed (act) handir_etdText
3 Implicit and declarative learning and mathematics instructionir_etdText
4 The calcium phosphate coating of soy lecithin nanoemulsion with performance in stability and as an oxygen carrierir_etdText
5 A distributional and taxonomic study of the kangaroo rats (genus dipodomys) of Utahir_etdText
6 Quantifying fatigue crack damage in polyethylene tibial inserts of prosthetic knee jointsir_etdText
7 Relationship between mitochondrial membrane potential collapse and electrical failure in a globally ischemic heartir_etdText
8 The social significance of the industrial revolutionir_etdText
9 Refactoring the Retina with Connectomicsir_etdText
10 ARF6 is a Targetable Node that Orchestrates Signalling of Multiple Oncogenic Pathways in Cutaneous and Uveal Melanomair_etdText
11 Aversion and Reward: Two Opposing Drives Mediating Alcohol-Seeking Behaviorir_etdText
12 Design, Development, and Initial Evalution of a Terminology for Clinical Decision Support and Electronic Clinical Quality Measurementir_etdText
13 Molecular Epidemiology of a Bacillus Cereus Outbreakir_etdText
14 Mechanisms Controlling the Direction Epitheial Cells Extrude and an Emerging Role for Basal Extrusion in Tumor Cell Invasionir_etdText
15 Behaviors Among Latino Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkersir_etdText
16 Factor Associated with Neutral Sphingomyelinase Activation (FAN), A Member of the Beach Family of Proteins, Regulates Lysosome Sizeir_etdText
17 Communication in the Nursing Home: A Grounded Theory of Nurse-CNA Communicationir_etdText
18 Quality Improvement and Informatics Techniques in Workflow Analysis Using Heart Failure eMeasure as an Exemplarir_etdText
19 Candidate Locus Analysis for PHACE Syndromeir_etdText
20 Cellular and Molecular Analysis of Axon Development in Zebrafishir_etdText
21 Development of Pathway-Based Biomarker in Breast Cancer and Assessment of Feasibility of Integrating Transcriptomics Data in Electronic Health Recordir_etdText
22 The Public Health Impact of Eve Teasing: Public Sexual Harassment and Its Association with Common Mental Disorders and Suicide Ideation Among Young Women in Rural Punjab, Indiair_etdText
23 Modulation of Lymphocyte Development and Function Via Snail Family Transcriptional Regulatorsir_etdText
24 Divergent Evolution of Animal Excretory Systems: Evidence from Molecular and Functional Studies in Planariansir_etdText
25 Reversible Inhibition of Lysine-Specific Demethylase 1 is a Novel Therapeutic Strategy for Solid Tumorsir_etdText
1 - 25 of 7,144