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201 Magnetic separation for wastepaper recycle millsir_uspaceText
202 Modules as values in a persistent object storeir_uspaceText
203 Relationship of task and ego orientation to performance: cognitive content, affect, and attributions in bowlingir_uspaceText
204 Novel model of intracranial meningioma in mice using luciferase-expressing meningioma cellsir_uspaceText
205 Fire and ice: a soot removal technique using dry ice blastingir_uspaceText
206 Ultrasound beam propagation using the hybrid angular spectrum methodir_uspaceText
207 Transient photomodulation spectroscopy of nanocrystalline hydrogenated siliconir_uspaceText
208 Thanks for nothing: changes in income and labor force participation for never-married mothers since 1982ir_uspaceText
209 Electronic publication of theses and dissertationsir_uspaceText
210 Quasiparticle relaxation in a high-Tc superconductorir_uspaceText
211 Mutational analysis of the 5' HoxD genes: dissection of genetic interactions during limb development in the mouse.ir_uspaceText
212 Comparison of three members of the cysteine-rich protein family reveals functional conservation and divergent patterns of gene expressionir_uspaceText
213 Mobility gap and anomalous dispersionir_uspaceText
214 Preliminary study of Conus venom proteinir_uspaceText
215 Transport equations for a two-dimensional electron gas with spin-orbit interactionir_uspaceText
216 Doctor is inir_uspaceText
217 Introduction: the molecular genetic analysis of mouse developmentir_uspaceText
218 Novel mechanism for benign essential blepharospasm.ir_uspaceText
219 Reciprocal natural selection on host-parasite phenotypesir_uspaceText
220 Synthesis and properties of highly mismatched II-O-I alloysir_uspaceText
221 Assessment of long-term remission of acromegaly following surgeryir_uspaceText
222 Some issues in Ortega y Gasset's critique of Heidegger's doctrine of Seinir_uspaceText
223 Mice with enhanced macrophage angiotensin-converting enzyme are resistant to melanomair_uspaceText
224 Dissociative charge transfer reactions of Ar+, Ne+, and He+ with CF4 from thermal to 50 eVir_uspaceText
225 Cervical end of an occipitocervical fusion: a biomechanical evaluation of 3 constructsir_uspaceText
201 - 225 of 21,719