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201 A conceptualization of presence as a nursing phenomenonir_etdText
202 Study of patient education and medication administration compliance of hospital discharged outpatientsir_etdText
203 Analysis of behavioral adjustment changes in heterogenously grouped psychiatric patientsir_etdText
204 Nobody's money : introducing choice-card, an innovative and comprehensive approach to the financing of health careir_etdText
205 The diurnal variation of norepinephrine in the rat parotid glandir_etdText
206 Role of PapI in pyelonephritis-associated pili phase variation in Escherichia coliir_etdText
207 Data translation issues in a hospital information networkir_etdText
208 Regulated trafficking and spatially restricted signaling of the epidermal growth factor receptor in human mammary epithelial cellsir_etdText
209 Development, implementation, and evaluation of a computerized pediatric infection surveillance systemir_etdText
210 Speech function as a measure of egocentrism in preschool childrenir_etdText
211 Effects of diphenylhydantoin on synaptic transmissionir_etdText
212 Derivation of evaluation survey data from proficiency testing for infectious mononucleosisir_etdText
213 Characterization of intracellular sterol transport revealed by genetic and pharmacologic inhibition of Chinese hamster ovary cellsir_etdText
214 Heat transfer and pressure drop in coal-air suspensions flowing downward through a vertical tubeir_etdText
215 Pharmacist instruction and patient compliance with medication therapyir_etdText
216 Activation of small molecules by cationic transition metal atoms and oxidesir_etdText
217 Automated system for measuring alveolar-arterial oxygen and carbon dioxide gradients in infantsir_etdText
218 Effects of permeability of mid-tectal barriers in goldfish on compression of the visuotectal projection rostrally and regenerative escape caudallyir_etdText
219 Degradable hydrogels for colon-specific oral delivery of peptides and proteinsir_etdText
220 Characterization of a behevior in Caenorhabditis elegans ADAR mutantsir_etdText
221 Physiological changes in the heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure and peripheral blood flow in low birth wight premature infants following oral gavage feedingsir_etdText
222 Second specimen testing in diabetes mellitusir_etdText
223 Hair as a matrix for biomarkers of pesticide exposureir_etdText
224 The effects of adrenal corticosteroids on oxygen utilization in ratsir_etdText
225 Mechanisms of differentiation and proliferation during development of specialized forebrain structuresir_etdText
201 - 225 of 21,717