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201 Reconstructing paleoenvironments using a mass-energy flux frameworkir_etdText
202 Single-molecule analysis of DNA abasic sites and the human telomeric G-quadruplex through the alpha-hemolysin ion channelir_etdText
203 Biogenesis of fibroblast growth factor 8-binding heparan sulfate motifsir_etdText
204 Microscale crossflow heat exchanger fabricated by laser-based xurographyir_etdText
205 Haptic characterization of human skin in vivo in response to shower gel treatments using a magnetic levitation deviceir_etdText
206 Development of palladium-catalyzed difunctionalization reactions of 1,3-dienes and alkenesir_etdText
207 Biological markers: blurred in time and spaceir_etdText
208 The functional analysis of mitochondrial fission adaptors in yeast and humanir_etdText
209 The Louse Fly-Arsenophonus Arthropodicus association: development of a new model system for the study of insect-bacterial endosymbiosesir_etdText
210 The impact of man on the vegetation and soil of the Upper Valley Allotment Garfield County, Utahir_etdText
211 Development of a noninvasive calcium imaging probeir_etdText
212 Learning latent structures via bayesian nonparametrics: new models and efficient inferenceir_etdText
213 Ocular-motor methods for detecting deception: direct versus indirect interrogationir_etdText
214 The effects of perceived coercion and empowerment on motivational processes for adults ordered to attend substance abuse treatment: a mixed methods analysisir_etdText
215 Identifying sources of genetic differentiation in human populationsir_etdText
216 Teaching vocabulary to preschoolers with disabilities using adult-child shared bookreading: a comparison of traditional and electronic booksir_etdText
217 The effect of intrauterine growth restriction on ATP citrate lyase and elastin histone acetylation in rat lungir_etdText
218 Co-axial turbulent diffusion flames with directed oxygen injectionir_etdText
219 Impact of ice crystal habit on the parameterization of cloud microphysical properties when using 94GHZ polarimetric scanning cloud radar during stormvexir_etdText
220 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Expression in Rat Dorsal Root Ganglion Neuronsir_etdText
221 Structural and Biochemical Studies of the Transcription Factors SPT6 and SPN1ir_etdText
222 Strategies Towards Improved Development of Semisolid Vaginal Microbicide Gels for the Prevention of Heterosexual Transmission of HIV-1ir_etdText
223 Drug Information Seeking-Behavior Among Healthcare Professionals within the University of Utah Community Clinicsir_etdText
224 Receptor Agonist, Antagonist and Enzyme Inhibitors for Studying Lysolipid Signalingir_etdText
225 Elucidation of Cyanobactin Biosynthesisir_etdText
201 - 225 of 21,725