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201 Ethnobotany of the genus Cyphomandra (Solanaceae)1989ir_uspaceText
202 Evolution, living patterns, and mitochondrial genetic variations in chimpanzees2015-12ir_htoaText
203 The foreign body reaction1973-06ir_etdText
204 Fuentes de aqua utilizadas por las plantas desérticas y su importancia en planes de manejo y restauración ecológica2000ir_uspaceText
205 Functional tradeoffs in specialization for fighting versus running2002ir_uspaceText
206 Genetic evidence for a Pleistocene population explosion1995ir_uspaceText
207 Grupos funcionales en arbustos deserticos del norte de Chile, definidos sobre la base de las fuentes de agua utilizadas1999-01-01ir_uspaceText
208 Kindergarten readiness and performance of Latino children participating in Reach Out and Read2012-01-01ir_uspaceText
209 Model of kin-structured migration1987ir_uspaceText
210 Neonatal physiologic jaundice and visual-motor development at age six years1979-03ir_etdText
211 Nursing procedure for fetal heart rate auscultation during labor1968-08ir_etdText
212 Postpartum blood loss and hematocrit levels of Navajo women1978-06ir_etdText
213 Structural transformation in China and India: the role of macroeconomic policies2012-01-01ir_uspaceText
214 Urban land expansion and spatial dynamics in Globalizing Shanghai2014-01-01ir_uspaceText
215 Utah Pharmacy Digest2000ehsl_updText
216 Utah Pharmacy Digest1991ehsl_updText
217 Utah Pharmacy Digest1985ehsl_updText
218 Attempt at the integration of indigenous and Western medicines in Bolivia1990-06ir_etdText
219 Computer analyses in genetic epidemiology.1983-03ir_etdText
220 Database design for computerized management of time-variant clinical information in neonatal intensive care1999-12ir_etdText
221 Development and evaluation of an authoring environment for a centralized knowledge repository.2005-08ir_etdText
222 Dynamic Aortic Diameter Measurements in Vivo Using Roentgen Videometry1968-06ir_etdText
223 Effects of ultraviolet radiation on the production of epidermal-derived thymocyte activating factor/interleukin-11986-06ir_etdText
224 Emotional responses to identity affirming touristic vignettes in middle-class Chinese and American individuals2010ir_etdText
225 Environmental differences in tropical soil temperatures in Kenya2012-12ir_etdText
201 - 225 of 370