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201 Constitutional Revisions 5. Other issues raised by the CRC Report:Art.41 Civil status Status of Baghdad Oil and gas Federal and shared powers/priority of laws Art. 140, Status of Kirkukuu_law_qipText
202 Law Commission on Rights of Regions and Governorates - Arabic نوناق نامضل ةماعلا ةئيهلا قوقح ميلاقألاuu_law_qipText
203 Law of governoratesuu_law_qipText
204 Minister of Justiceuu_law_qipText
205 Industrial Projects Taxation (2000).CPAuu_law_qipText
206 Revised Draft Agenda on the Workshop on Legal Issues for the Regions and Governoratesuu_law_qipText
207 Spain Conference Proposal-DRAFT (Dec. 13, 2009)uu_law_qipText
208 Federation Council Memouu_law_qipText
209 Memo to Chief Justice Medhat - Arabic finaluu_law_qipText
210 CRC Final Report translation revaa_eng2009-06-22uu_law_qipText
211 Federation Council finalFeb4+CLAResponse+rvdCM_eng2009-06-22uu_law_qipText
212 State Council rev hhrevaauu_law_qipText
213 Allocation of Federal Revenues Lawuu_law_qipText
214 Chart of Needed Actions - Arabic الفقرات التي تحتاج الإآمال في مسودة الدستورuu_law_qipText
215 A Shura Council Primer By Haider Ala Hamoudiuu_law_qipText
216 Constitutional Revisions 2. Uniting Iraq through Separation of Powers The Federation Council and the Presidency2009-05-11uu_law_qipText
217 CRC Outstanding issues2009-05-11uu_law_qipText
218 Memo on Higher Judicial Council Billuu_law_qipText
219 Annex to Memo on Capital City Law 1 - Arabicuu_law_qipText
220 Capital City draft law 02 02 09 ra v3 (Arabic to English translation of) the Capital Billuu_law_qipText
221 Combating the World's Corruption is a Slippery Businessuu_law_qipText
222 Mapping Corruption: Why Words Make a Differenceuu_law_qipText
223 Without Identifying Underlying Causes, We Cannot Combat Corruption2009-11-05uu_law_qipText
224 Commission on Rights of Regions and Governorates Law Arabicuu_law_qipText
225 Concept Paper A Federalism Campaign: Unity through Federalism Version 2, 23 March 20092009-03-23uu_law_qipText
201 - 225 of 388