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201 CRC Outstanding issues2009-05-11Text
202 Memo on Higher Judicial Council BillText
203 Annex to Memo on Capital City Law 1 - ArabicText
204 Capital City draft law 02 02 09 ra v3 (Arabic to English translation of) the Capital BillText
205 Combating the World's Corruption is a Slippery BusinessText
206 Mapping Corruption: Why Words Make a DifferenceText
207 Without Identifying Underlying Causes, We Cannot Combat Corruption2009-11-05Text
208 Commission on Rights of Regions and Governorates Law ArabicText
209 Concept Paper A Federalism Campaign: Unity through Federalism Version 2, 23 March 20092009-03-23Text
210 CRC Preliminary Final ReportText
211 CRC Amendments with UU annotationsText
212 Iraqi Federation Council2009-02-04Text
213 Iraqi Federation Council Draft Analysis2009-01-22Text
214 "Whiteboard" Discussion of Federalism as the Future of Iraq: Unity within Diversity UU House, 15 March 2009Text
215 General Authority for Control and Allocation of Federal Revenue Law - Arabic الهيئة العامة لمراقبة تخصيص الواردات الاتحادية النسخة الأخيرةText
216 The Proposed Articles for Amendment Preface - Draft Law with July 7 amendmentsText
217 Draft of Kurdistan-Iraq Constitution - 2009 eng2009-06-23Text
218 The Council of State (Majlis al-Dawla) Comments on its draft Law2009-04-15Text
219 The Council of State (Majlis al-Dawla) Comments on its draft Law - Arabic مشروع العدالة الشاملة - العراق سلجم الدولة ملاحظات حول مشروع القانون2009-04-15Text
220 CRC Subcommittee Meeting report - May 14, 20092009-05-14Text
221 CRC Method2009-05-11Text
222 CRC Separation of powers FC-PC2009-05-11Text
223 2008 Iraqi Draft Oil and Gas Law - English2008-06-16Text
224 CRC judiciary2009-05-11Text
225 CRC Independent Commissions2009-05-11Text
201 - 225 of 386