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201 An Overview of the Low Emission Boiler System LEBS Project1998
202 Ryan, H. M.; Francis, A. W.; Riley, M. F.; Kobayashi, H.Dilute Oxygen Combustion1996
203 Kobayashi, Hisashi ; Du, ZhiyouDilute Oxygen Combustion a New Approach for Low NOx Combustion1992
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206 Rabovitser, Iosif; Chan, Isaac; Loviska, Tim; Hall, DavidValidation of Methane de-NOX Reburn Process for Coal Fired Spreader Stoker Boilers1996
207 Multi-Fuel Firing in a Preheater Cement Kiln Using a Precessing Jet Burner1997
208 Misra, MahendraCombustion Research Needs for Glass Industry1996
209 Veranth, John M.; Fletcher, Thomas H.; Pershing, David W.; Sarofim, Adel F.Impact of Low NOx Firing Conditions on Unburned Carbon Losses1998
210 Crosley, David R.; Smith, Gregory P.; Jeffries, Jay B.Laser Determination of Chemically Active Free Radicals in Flames1998
211 The Fate of Arsenic at the Tacoma Steam Plant #21992
212 Brown, Blaine W.; Keller, Joseph G.; Soelberg, Nick; Kessinger, Glen F.Industry-Identified Combustion Research Needs1996
213 Motegi, Toru; Nakamura, TsuneakiLifted Flames: A New Concept of Ultra Low NOx Combustion1996
214 Stumbar, James P.An Overview of the Industrial Combustion Coordinated Rulemaking Process1998
215 Bloomer, John J.Industrial Combustion Coordinated Rulemaking (ICCR) the Devlopment of Future Combustion Emission Regulations1997
216 Waibel, Richard T.; Somers, SteveRetrofitting Duct Burners for CO Control1996
217 Yegian, D. T.; Cheng, R. K.; Hack, R. L.; Miyasato, M. M.; Chang, A.; Samuelsen, G. S.Scaling the Low Swirl Burner from 15 kW to 600 kW1998
218 Zamansky, Vladimir M.; Ho, Loc; Maly, Peter M.; Seeker, W. RandallOxidation of NO to NO2 by Hydrogen Peroxide and Its Mixtures with Methanol in Natural Gas and Coal Combustion Gases1996
219 Gas Reburning and Advanced Gas Reburning for Control of NOx Emissions1997
220 Zamansky, Vladimir M.; Ho, Loc ; Maly, Peter M.; Seeker, W. RandallSecond Generation Advanced Reburning for High Efficiency NOx Control1996
221 Bish, Eric S.; Norton, Thomas S.Numerical Modeling of Turbulent Jet Diffusion Flames Challenges and Implications for Flare Flame Simulations1998
222 Sullivan, John D.; Webb, Andrew W.Development and Demonstration of the Radiation Stabilized Burner for Boilers and Process Heaters1996
223 Chudnovsky, Yaroslav P.; Kozlov, Alexander P.; Schukin, Andrey V.; Agachev, Rustem S.; Gruzdev, Vladimir N.Combustion Enhancement and Flame Stabilization Due to Vortex Generation1997
224 Ohyashiki, Takuya; Itaya, Yoshinori; Matsuda, Hitoki; Hasatani, MasanobuIncineration Behavior of Waste Liquid with Methane-Air Combustion in Triple Coaxial Tube Incinerator and Emissions of Exhaust Gas1998
225 A New Turbulent Combustion Model Based on Flame Surface Density Concept1997
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