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201 Combustion Progress, Problems, Needs in the Glass Industry1986
202 Combustion R&D Needs in the Petroleum Refining Industry1989
203 Combustion Research Needs for Glass Industry1996
204 Combustion Space Modelling of Oxy-Fuel Fired Glass Melter1990
205 Combustion System Requirements For Advanced Gas-Fired Processes1986
206 Combustion System Requirements for Advanced Technologies1986
207 Combustion Techniques in Remote CC-HDR Process1991
208 Combustion Tests with Alternative Fuels in Oil-Designed Boilers1981
209 Combustion With Oxygen Enriched Air1986
210 Combustion With Preheated Air Introduction1986
211 The Combustion, Heat Transfer, Pollutant Emission and Ash Deposition Characteristics of Concentrated Coal Water Slurries1983
212 Combustor Modelling - A Maturing State of the Art1988
213 Commercial Operating Experience with the Rapid Mix Ultra Low Emission Burner1998
214 Commercialization of Coal-Water Slurries1982
215 Commercialization of Coal-Water Slurries - II1982
216 Como a Numerical Model for Predicting Furnace Performance in Axisymmetric Geometries1983
217 Comparison of empirically based calculation methods for pipe flares to computational fluid dynamics2007As available computational resources increase and the use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) becomes more widely accepted wider classes of industrial scale combustion systems are being simulated and optimized using these resources. A largebody of empirically based work has already been assembled ...
218 Comparison of Three Methods to Monitor Flare Combustion Efficiency2016-09-13Conference paper
219 Computation of Adiabatic Flame Temperatures and Other Thermodynamic Quantities1986
220 Computational fluid dynamic modeling of a ground flare2007A major ethylene plant underconstruction in Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia found itself under pressure from neighboring facilities and regulatory agencies to reduce flare emissions, flame visibility, and noise. Plant personnel contacted a company that had pioneered and commercialized a grade mounted, multi...
221 Computational Fluid Dynamics Based Analysis of Bubbling Fluidised Bed Combustion1998
222 Computations of Near Burner Zone Properties of Semi-Industrial Pulverised Coal Flames1989
223 Computer Modeling of a Bark Boiler1998
224 Computing flame dynamics using massively parallel computers to span scales from the atomistic to the industrial2004
225 Computing flare dynamics using large eddy simulations2004Computing the dynamics of flares is motivated by the increased need for efficient and safe flaring of unwanted gases during hydrocarbon and petrochemical processing. To understand the unsteady flame shape dynamics, Large Eddy Simulations (LES) are used to study natural gas flares in the presence of ...
201 - 225 of 927