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201 Vernal Dino Dig/ Petroglyphs - [one flower]P0694 Charles Neal Photograph CollectionP0694n201
202 "Skull found by Dr. J. Francke on property in Vernal. Donated to Nat. Hist. Museum"P0694 Charles Neal Photograph CollectionP0694n202
203 "Stage crossing Devil's Playground - 1912"P0694 Charles Neal Photograph CollectionP0694n203
204 "Willow Creek Station - Duchesne - Helper Stage Line - 1st class mail car in front of door"P0694 Charles Neal Photograph CollectionP0694n204
205 "Wreck of Uintah Stage about two miles south of Kennedy Hale Station. Chester Lyman was the driver and went to sleep on account of having been out to an all night party in Vernal. When I snapped this picture Chester was running back to Kennedy Station to get a team. ZCMI salesman and Supt. Of Stage Line John McAndrews. All O.K., C.J. N." Addressed to Mrs. C.J. NealP0694 Charles Neal Photograph CollectionP0694n205
206 "Dear Essie: Will be over on the auto tomorrow if it doesn't Storm. Ethel" Addressed to Mrs. C. J. NealP0694 Charles Neal Photograph CollectionP0694n206
207 [stage surrounded by horses] - possibly a staged hold-up.P0694 Charles Neal Photograph CollectionP0694n207
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