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201 The Development of a Low NOx High Intensity Burneruu_afrcText
202 NOx Precursor Measurements in Coal Flamesuu_afrcText
203 Laser Diagnostics and Computer Models of NOx Formation Chemistry in Natural Gas Combustionuu_afrcText
204 Optimization of the Low NOx Industrial StAR Burner at the Burner Engineering Research Laboratoryuu_afrcText
205 Preliminary Measurements of the Mean and Fluctuating Components of Temperature in a Gas Flameuu_afrcText
206 Thermal NOx, Promt NOx: Meeting California Emission Limitsuu_afrcText
207 NOx Regulations in Nafta Member Countriesuu_afrcText
208 Chemical Kinetics Modeling of Air Toxics and NOx in a Turbulent Diffussion Flame Burneruu_afrcText
209 Effect of Incoming Mixing on Carbon Loss from a Pulverized Coal-Fired Burneruu_afrcText
210 Advanced Radiant Combustion Systems for Petrochemical Process Heatersuu_afrcText
211 NOx Control for Conventional Gas Burnersuu_afrcText
212 Application of a Comprehensive Combustion Code to Simulate No Pollutant Formation in a Utility Scale Furnaceuu_afrcText
213 Modelling of Flow and Radiant Heat Transfer in the CAGCT Research Furnaceuu_afrcText
214 Two Stage NOx Control on a Coal Fired Utility Boileruu_afrcText
215 Three-Stage Combustion (Reburning) Test Results from a 300-MWe Boiler in the Ukraineuu_afrcText
216 Development of an Advanced Low-NOx Burner in Support of B&W's Advanced Coal-Fired Low-Emission Boiler Systemuu_afrcText
217 Looking Forward to the Impact of the 1990 CAAA-Mandated MACT Regulations on Air Toxics from Heaters and Boilersuu_afrcText
218 Combustion Diagnostics Based on Frequency Spectra Analysisuu_afrcText
219 The Effects of Fuel Jet Precession on the Global Properties and Emissions of Free Turbulent Jet Flamesuu_afrcText
220 Modernization of Industrial Radiant Tube Burners with Fuel Switching from Natural Gas to Butaneuu_afrcText
221 Experimental Study of an Enhanced Infra-Red Metal Fiber Burneruu_afrcText
222 Low NOx Burner for Thermally Enhanced Oil Recoveryuu_afrcText
223 Evaluation of Gas Cofiring Burner Placement Over a Coal Spreader Stoker Boileruu_afrcText
224 Optimized Chemical Kinetics for Modeling Natural Gas Combustionuu_afrcText
225 Development of the MIT-RSFC Low NOx Burner for Pulverized Coal Combustionuu_afrcText
201 - 225 of 890