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201 Analysis of the Wind Effects on a Multi-field LNG Ground Flare2013-09-25uu_afrcEvent
202 Oxy-Coal Power Boiler Simulation and Validation Through Extreme Computing2014-09-09uu_afrcEvent
203 Advanced Design Optimization of Combustion Equipment Using Sculptor with CFD Tools2014-09-10uu_afrcEvent
204 Evaluating the NOx Performance of a Steam Generator for Heavy Oil Production: Impact of Combustion System Design2014-09-10uu_afrcEvent
205 Demonstrated Implementation of Detailed Chemistry into CFD Simulations for Tailored Commercial Evaluation of Industrial Combustion Equipment2014-09-10uu_afrcEvent
206 Practical Flameless Combustion2014-09-09uu_afrcEvent
207 CFD Prediction of Visible Flame Height for Pressure-assisted Flares2014-09-08uu_afrcEvent
208 Modeling CO and Estimating Combustion Efficiency with Flamelet-Generated Manifolds in Flares2014-09-08uu_afrcEvent
209 Combustion Efficiency of Flares and the Effects of Wind2014-09-08uu_afrcEvent
210 Efficient and Reliable Use of the "Bottom of the Barrel" for Steam/Power Generation2014-09-09uu_afrcEvent
211 Emissions Testing of Pressure Assisted Flare Burners2014-09-08uu_afrcEvent
212 Oxy-Fuel Combustion with preheated Oxygen-Natural gas (HeatOx) for small and medium size glass furnaces2014-09-09uu_afrcEvent
213 Low NOx Retrofit on an Existing Heater with a Small Radiant Section2014-09-09uu_afrcEvent
214 Modelling of Combustion, NOx Emissions and Radiation of a Natural Gas Fired Glass Furnace2014-09-10uu_afrcEvent
215 Impact of High-Emissivity Coatings on Process Furnace Heat Transfer2014-09-10uu_afrcEvent
216 1-American Flame Research Committee IR Electronic University Archive Collection Link2012uu_afrcText
217 EPA Flare Activity Overview2012-09-05uu_afrcText
218 Wind Effects2012-09-05uu_afrcText
219 Reaction Kinetics of Post Combustion NOx Reduction with Urea1991-03-18uu_afrcText
220 Experimental Investigation of a Porous Ceramic Burner1991-03-18uu_afrcText
221 Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Measurements of Temperature and Species Concentrations in Coal-Particle-Laden Combustion Flows1985uu_afrcText
222 Application of Advanced Computer Models for Performance Analysis of Boiler Combustion Chambers1985uu_afrcText
223 Cars Measurements in Coal Combustion Environments: Practical Considerations1985uu_afrcText
224 Char Combustion Kinetics of Kentucky No. 9 Coal as Applied to Atmospheric Fluidized Bed Combustion1985uu_afrcText
225 Freeboard Combustion and NOx Modeling of a 6x6 Fluidized Bed Combustor1985uu_afrcText
201 - 225 of 890