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201 Blanc Selected Topics Report - Arabicuu_law_qipText
202 Gender Quotas Discussion Paper2009-10-07uu_law_qipText
203 Handley Delimitation Report - Arabic الأقضية الانتخابية في العراق2009uu_law_qipText
204 Handley Delimitation Report2009-08-14uu_law_qipText
205 Handley Population Data for Electoral District Delimitation2009uu_law_qipText
206 Blanc Selected Topics Reportuu_law_qipText
207 Handover Notes: Meetings, Logistics, and Regular Duties2009-08-04uu_law_qipText
208 IHEC Administrative Order No. 5449 and Letter of the Electoral Administration No. AD-29-2162009-03-11uu_law_qipText
209 Memo: IHEC Constitutional Authority to Hold Elections2009-11-04uu_law_qipText
210 IHEC Board Decision 2007 on establishing Board Legal Committee2009-09-11uu_law_qipText
211 IHEC Regulation on Candidate Certification (No. 19)2009uu_law_qipText
212 Comments on Draft Bill from Legal Committee2009-10-19uu_law_qipText
213 IHEC Regulation-Making Process -- Evaluation and Recommendations2009-12-31uu_law_qipText
214 Iraq Institute for Electoral Studies with cost projections2009-10-20uu_law_qipText
215 Law on Publication in the Official Gazetteuu_law_qipText
216 Electoral Legislative Adoption Plan2009-07-03uu_law_qipText
217 Elections Complaint Mechanism Paper - Arabic ةآ ةيليباختنلاا ىواكشلاة مذآرة المناقشة2009-07uu_law_qipText
218 Mandate of IHEC Administration's Legal Departmentuu_law_qipText
219 Mandate of IHEC Consultation and Complaints Department (ENG)uu_law_qipText
220 Memo on Constitutional Issue in Nov. 23 Electoral Law Amendment2009-11-24uu_law_qipText
221 Memo: Nov. 23 Electoral Law Amendmentuu_law_qipText
222 Memo: Composition of CoRuu_law_qipText
223 Elections Complaint Mechanism Paper2009-07uu_law_qipText
224 NDI Election Terminology Translators Guideuu_law_qipText
225 Notes on Electoral Law2009-07-28uu_law_qipText
201 - 225 of 597