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201 Influence of Phosphorus on Potassium during Co-Combustion of Wheat Straw with Municipal Sewage Sludge2013-09-23uu_afrcEvent
202 Lang Process Carbon Capture Technology2013-09-24uu_afrcEvent
203 A Novel Fuel-Flexible Combustor for Industrial Applications2013-09-24uu_afrcEvent
204 Flame Temperature and Species Calculations with an Excel/VBA Computer Code2013-09-25uu_afrcEvent
205 Analysis of Wind Effects on a Multi-field LNG Ground Flare2013-09-25uu_afrcEvent
206 Comparison of Local and Global Combustion Efficiencies for the TCEQ 2010 Flare Study Air-Assisted Flare using High Performance Computing2013-09-25uu_afrcEvent
207 The World's First Flameless Crude Heater2013-09-23uu_afrcEvent
208 Solid Fuel to Natural Gas Conversions for Existing Boiler Applications2013-09-25uu_afrcEvent
209 All Talk and No Do! Why No Reported Successes In Optimizing Industrial Flare CEs and DREs by Automatic Control to the Incipient Smoke Point?2013-09-25uu_afrcEvent
210 Basic Ground Flare Noise Propagation2013-09-24uu_afrcEvent
211 Evaluating High Temperature Oxy-Natural Gas Retrofit of a Coal-fired Boiler2013-09-24uu_afrcEvent
212 Pilot Scale Facility Contributions to Alstom's Technology Development Efforts for Oxy-Combustion for Steam Power Plants2013-09-25uu_afrcEvent
213 Process Heater Firebox Design Considerations for Optimal Burner Performance2013-09-24uu_afrcEvent
214 Ash Deposition Modeling Incorporating Mineral Matter Transformations Applied to Coal and Biomass Co-firing2013-09-25uu_afrcEvent
215 Preliminary Analysis of Combustion Noise Generated by Burners in Cracking Furnaces2013-09-23uu_afrcEvent
216 Detecting Flame Instability and/or Loss of Flame in Fired Heaters Using Advanced Pressure Diagnostics2013-09-25uu_afrcEvent
217 Evaluating the NOx Performance of a Steam Generator for Heavy Oil Production: Validation/Uncertainty Quantification in the Field2013-09-25uu_afrcEvent
218 Reaction Kinetics of Post Combustion NOx Reduction with Urea1991-03-18uu_afrcText
219 Experimental Investigation of a Porous Ceramic Burner1991-03-18uu_afrcText
220 Practical Application of Large Eddy Simulation to Accessible Combustion Chemistry Physics2012-09-06uu_afrcText
221 Firing Alternative Fuels in a Utility Power Plant2012-09-07uu_afrcText
222 Evaluating the Impacts of an Oxy-­‐combustion Retrofit of Coal-­‐fired Utility Boilers using Advanced Modeling Techniques2012-09-06uu_afrcText
223 Mercury oxidation by halogens under air-fired and oxy-fuel conditions2012-09-06uu_afrcText
224 Co-firing Pulverized Coal with Pinion Pine/Juniper Wood in Raw, Torrefied and Pyrolyzed Forms2012-09-07uu_afrcText
225 Large Eddy Simulation of a 15MW Tangentially Oxy-Fired Pulverized Coal Boiler: Ignitor2012-09-06uu_afrcText
201 - 225 of 1,006