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201 Halogenated Aromatics From Waste Incineration Indicator Parameters1987uu_afrcText
202 Rotary Kiln Incineration: The Effect of Oxygen Enrichment on Formation of Transient Puffs During Batch Introduction of Hazardous Wastes1987uu_afrcText
203 High Temperature Chemical and Thermal Stability of Chlorinated Benzenes1987uu_afrcText
204 Riley-Takuma Technology for Refuse Combustion Plants1987uu_afrcText
205 Distribution of Volatile Trace Elements in Emissions and Residuals From Pilot Scale Liquid Injection Incineration1987uu_afrcText
206 Fundamental Mechanisms Governing Transients From the Batch Incineration of Liquid Wastes in Rotary Kilns1987uu_afrcText
207 Dioxin Emissions From Incineration Processes: Role of Feedstock Constituents1987uu_afrcText
208 Measurement of Temperature-Time Histories of Burning Single Coal Char Particles1988uu_afrcText
209 Studies on Enhancement of Reburning for Advanced NOx Control in Coal-Fired Boilers1988uu_afrcText
210 Support Activities for the Edgewater Coolside Process Demonstration1988uu_afrcText
211 Experimental Observations and a Postulated Mechanism of Relase of Iron During the Combustion of Illinois #6 Coal1988uu_afrcText
212 Gas/Particle Residence Time Correlation for an Entrained-Flow Reactor1988uu_afrcText
213 A Laboratory-Scale Furnace to Study Ash Deposition and Fouling Due to Pulverized Coal Combustion1988uu_afrcText
214 Inegrated Ash Monitoring System for Control of Fouling in Coal-Fired Boilers1988uu_afrcText
215 Effect of Surface Temperature on Coal Mineral Deposition in Heat Engines1988uu_afrcText
216 Laboratory-Scale Ash Deposition Studies of a Size- and Gravity-Fractionated Coal1988uu_afrcText
217 The Development of an Oxygen-Pulverised Fuel Burner for Energy Savings and Production Increases1988uu_afrcText
218 Pilot Evaluation of Reburning for Cyclone Boiler NOx Control1988uu_afrcText
219 Modelling of Coal Pyrolysis and Combustion1988uu_afrcText
220 Burner Improvements and Flame Quality Studies on a 650 MW Supercritical Pulverized Coal Boiler1988uu_afrcText
221 Calculations of the Chemistry of Coal Combustion Effluents1988uu_afrcText
222 Effect of Coal Quality on the Performance of Low-NOx Burners1988uu_afrcText
223 Coal Combustion in Fuel Rich Flames: A Review of Experimental Behavior1988uu_afrcText
224 Pilot Scale Simulation of Ash Deposition on an Isolated Convective Tube: The Effect of Temperature on Deposit Growth1988uu_afrcText
225 NOx Reduction and Burnout Optimisation Using an Aerodynamically Air Staged Burner and an Air Staged Precombustor Burner1988uu_afrcText
201 - 225 of 994