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201 Rheology and Combustion Characteristics of Coal-Water Mixtures1981uu_afrcText
202 Industrial Thermal Energy Storage What Are the Possibilities?1981uu_afrcText
203 Combustion Tests with Alternative Fuels in Oil-Designed Boilers1981uu_afrcText
204 Combustion Inhibition Physico Chemistry of Coal-Derived Syngas Air Flames1981uu_afrcText
205 The Combustion Characterstics of Coal in Oil Fuels1981uu_afrcText
206 Fluidized Bed Combustion of Scrap Tires1981uu_afrcText
207 Preliminary Investigation of Fine-Ground Coal Combustion1981uu_afrcText
208 Particulate Emission Control by the Application of Combustion Catalyst1984uu_afrcText
209 American Flame Research Committee of the International Flame Research Foundation1984uu_afrcText
210 Appendix 1 Status of IFRF Research Projects October 19841984uu_afrcText
211 Waste Gas Firing in Process Heaters and Boilers1984uu_afrcText
212 Flow Reactor Studies of the Thermal De-NOx Process1984uu_afrcText
213 An Experimental Study of the Burning Spray of an Unstabilized Synthetic Oil Water Emulsion1984uu_afrcText
214 Two Simple Models for the Noncatalytic Reduction of NO with NH31984uu_afrcText
215 Fluidized Bed Combustion of Feedlot Manure1984uu_afrcText
216 Development of New Type Gas Burner for Radiant Tube1984uu_afrcText
217 The Simultaneous Drying and Pyrolysis of Single Wood Particles and Pellets Made of Peat1984uu_afrcText
218 Fate of Trace Elements in Combustion of Alternate Fossil Fuels1984uu_afrcText
219 Development of Curtain Wall Flame Burner1984uu_afrcText
220 Burning Low Grade Fuels and Controlling NOX by Water Injection in BBC GasTurbines1984uu_afrcText
221 Synthetic Fuel Combustion Characterization1984uu_afrcText
222 Recent Trends in the Ijmuiden Research Programmes1984uu_afrcText
223 Incineration of Hazardous Waste in a Mobile System1984uu_afrcText
224 The Incineration Characteristics of DichloromethaneThe Incineration Characteristics of Dichloromethane (CH2Cl2)1984uu_afrcText
225 The Characteristics of Vortex Combustors for Incineration Purposes1984uu_afrcText
201 - 225 of 994