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201 Performance analysis and optimization of asynchronous circuitsAsynchronous/Self-timed circuits are beginning to attract renewed attention as promising means of dealing with the complexity of modern VLSI designs. However, there are very few analysis techniques or tools available for estimating the performance of asynchronous circuits. In this paper we adapt th...Asynchronous circuits; Performance analysis; Optimization; VLSI circuits1994
202 Personal Digital ArchivingPresentation on personal digital archiving for family history work at the RootsTech Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah.Family history; Personal digital archiving2019-03-01
203 Power efficient resource scaling in partitioned architectures through dynamic heterogeneityThe ever increasing demand for high clock speeds and the desire to exploit abundant transistor budgets have resulted in alarming increases in processor power dissipation. Partitioned (or clustered) architectures have been proposed in recent years to address scalability concerns in future billion-tr...Partitioned architectures; Clustered architectures; Energy × Delay2, Temperature; Dynamic frequency scaling; Thermal emergency2006
204 Querying and creating visualizations by analogyWhile there have been advances in visualization systems, particularly in multi-view visualizations and visual exploration, the process of building visualizations remains a major bottleneck in data exploration. We show that provenance metadata collected during the creation of pipelines can be reused ...Provenance; VisTrails; Pipelines; Query-by-example2007-11
205 Rigorous concurrency analysis of multithreaded programsThis paper explores the practicality of conducting program analysis for multithreaded software using constraint solv- ing. By precisely defining the underlying memory consis- tency rules in addition to the intra-thread program seman- tics, our approach orders a unique advantage for program ver- ...Concurrency analysis; Multithreaded programs2003
206 The roll back chip: hardware support for distributed simulation using time warpDistributed simulation offers an attractive means of meeting the high computational demands of discrete event simulation programs. The Time Warp mechanism has been proposed to ensure correct sequencing of events in distributed simulation programs without blocking processes unnecessarily. However, th...Roll back chip; Distributed simulation; Discrete event; Simulation programs; Time Warp mechanism1987
207 Scheduling Tasks with mixed preemption relations for robustness to timing faultsThis paper introduces and shows how to schedule two novel scheduling abstractions that overcome limitations of existing work on preemption threshold scheduling. The abstractions are task clusters, groups of tasks that are mutually non-preemptible by design, and task barriers, which partition the tas...2002-01-01
208 Selection and Standardization of Respiratory Monitoring EquipmentBiomedical Informatics1986
209 Using annotated interface definitions to optimize RPCIn RPC-based communication, it is useful to distinguish the RPC interface, which is the "network contract" between the client and the server, from the presentation, which is the "programmer's contract" between the RPC stubs and the code that calls or is called by them. Presentation is usually a fixe...annotated interface definitions; RPC-based communication1995
210 VisComplete: automating suggestions for visualization pipelinesBuilding visualization and analysis pipelines is a large hurdle in the adoption of visualization and workflow systems by domain scientists. In this paper, we propose techniques to help users construct pipelines by consensus-automatically suggesting completions based on a database of previously creat...VisComplete; Workflows; Auto completion; Visualization pipelines2008-11
211 VisMashup: streamlining the creation of custom visualization applicationsVisualization is essential for understanding the increasing volumes of digital data. However, the process required to create insightful visualizations is involved and time consuming. Although several visualization tools are available, including tools with sophisticated visual interfaces, they are o...VisMashup; Dataflow; Visualization systems; Mashups; Medleys2009-11
212 3-D Design of free-form B-Spline surfaces (CSTD-74-005)This report describes an experimental system for designing free-form B-spline surfaces using a head-mounted display. In this system, the interaction with the surfaces takes place in three dimensions as the designed object's shape Is updated in real-time. The report also examines some of the problems...Computer animation1974-09
213 A comparison of software and hardware synchronization mechanisms for distributed shared memory multiprocessorsEfficient synchronization is an essential component of parallel computing. The designers of traditional multiprocessors have included hardware support only for simple operations such as compare-and-swap and load-linked/store-conditional, while high level synchronization primitives such as locks, bar...Hardware locks1996
214 A general review, graphical environment, and applications for discrete event and hybrid systems in Robotics and Automation1994
215 A generic operational memory model specification framework for multithreaded program verificationGiven the complicated nature of modern architectural and language level memory model designs, it is vital to have a systematic ap- proach for specifying memory consistency requirements that can support verification and promote understanding. In this paper, we develop a spec- ification methodolog...Multithreaded program verification2003
216 A graphical environment and applications for discrete event and hybrid systems in robotics and automationIn this paper we present an overview for the development of a graphical environment for simulating, analyzing, synthesizing, monitoring, and controlling complex discrete event and hybrid systems within the robotics, automation, and intelligent system domain. We start by presenting an overview of di...Intelligent system domain; Graphical environment1994
217 A shared memory algorithm and proof for the alternative construct in CSPCommunicating Sequential Processes (CSP) is a paradigm for communication and synchronization among distributed processes. The alternative construct is a key feature of CSP that allows nondeterministic selection of one among several possible communicants. Previous algorithms for this construct assume...Shared memory algorithm; Communicating Sequential Processes; CSP1987
218 A tour of the wormOn the evening of November 2, 1988, a self-replicating program was released upon the Internet 1. This program (a worm) invaded VAX and Sun-3 computers running versions of Berkeley UNIX, and used their sources to attack still more computers2. Within the space of hours this program had spread aacross ...Computer worm1989
219 Application specific asynchronous microengines for efficient high-level controlDespite the growing interest in asynchronous circuits programmable asynchronous controllers based on the idea of microprogramming have not been actively pursued Since programmable control is widely used in many commercial ASICs to allow late correction of design errors to easily upgrade product f...Asynchronous microengines1997
220 Application specific asynchronous microgengines for efficient high-level controlDespite the growing interest in asynchronous circuits, programmable asynchronous controllers based on the idea of microprogramming have not been actively pursued. Since programmable control is widely used in many commercial ASICs to allow late correction of design errors, to easily upgrade product ...Asynchronous microgengines; Programmable asynchronous controllers1997
221 Beyond depth-first strategies: improving tabled logic programs through alternative schedulingTabled evaluation ensures termination for programs with finite models by keeping track of which subgoals have been called. Given several variant subgoals in an evaluation, only the fi rst one encountered will use program-clause resolution; the rest will resolve with the answers generated by the f...Alternate scheduling; SLG-WAM; Tabled logic programs1998
222 Characterization and modeling of PIDX parallel I/O for performance optimizationParallel I/O library performance can vary greatly in re- sponse to user-tunable parameter values such as aggregator count, file count, and aggregation strategy. Unfortunately, manual selection of these values is time consuming and dependent on characteristics of the target machine, the underlying fi...2013-01-01
223 Construction of a human torso model from magnetic resonance images for problems in computational electrocardiographyApplying mathematical models to real situations often requires the use of discrete geometrical models of the solution domain. In some cases destructive measurement of the objects under examination is acceptable, but in biomedical applications the measurements come from imaging techniques such as X-r...Human torso model; MRI1994
224 Controlling democracy: the principal-agent problems in election administrationElection reform has become a major issue since the 2000 election, but little consideration has been given to the issues associated with managing them. In this article, we use principal agent theory to examine the problems associated with Election Day polling place voting. We note that Election Day v...Election reform; Public management; Principal-Agent Theory2006-07-20
225 Designing a Controlled Medical Vocabulary Server: The VOSER ProjectBiomedical Informatics1994
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