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201 A painterly approach to human skinRendering convincing human figures is one of the unsolved goals of computer graphics. Previous work has concentrated on modeling physics of human skin. We have taken a different approach. We are exploring techniques used by artists, specifically artists who paint air-brushed portraits. Our goal is t...Human skin1999
202 A pair potentials study of matrix-isolated atomic zinc. II. Intersystem crossing in rare-gas clusters and matricesThe mechanism of 4p 1P1?4p 3PJ intersystem crossing (ISC) following excitation of the 4p 1P1 level of matrix-isolated atomic zinc is investigated using a pair potentials approach. This is achieved by extending earlier ISC calculations on the Zn?RG2 and Zn?RG3 complexes to the square planar Zn?RG4 ...1998
203 A parametric model for human facesThis report presents a computer model for the representation of human faces. This three-dimensional, parametric model produces shaded facial images. The face, constructed of polygonal surfaces, is manipulated through the use of parameters which control interpolation, translation, rotation and scalin...Parametric model; Human face1975
204 A partial order reduction algorithm without the ProvisoThis paper presents a partial order reduction algorithm, called Two phase, that preserves stutter free LTL properties. Two phase dramatically reduces the number of states visited compared to previous partial order reduction algorithms on most practical protocols. The reason can be traced to a step o...Order reduction algorithm; Proviso step1998
205 A partial scan methodology for testing self-timed circuitsThis paper presents a partial scan method for testing control sections of macromodule based self-timed circuits for stuck-at faults. In comparison with other proposed test methods for self-timed circuits, this technique offers better fault coverage than methods using self-checking techniques, and re...Self-timed circuits; Testing1995
206 A partial scan methodology for testing self-timed circuitsThis paper presents a partial scan method for testing control sections of macromodule based self-timed circuits for stuck-at faults. In comparison with other proposed test methods for self-timed circuits, this technique offers better fault coverage than methods using self-checking techniques, and ...1995
207 A path-precise analysis for property synthesisRecent systems such as SLAM, Metal, and ESP help programmers by automating reasoning about the correctness of temporal program properties. This paper presents a technique called property synthesis, which can be viewed as the inverse of property checking. We show that the code for some program pro...Property synthesis; Property codes2003-12-01
208 A personalized system for conversational recommendationsIncreased computing power and theWeb have made information widely accessible. In turn, this has encouraged the development of recommendation systems that help users find items of interest, such as books or restaurants. Such systems are more useful when they personalize themselves to each user?s p...Adaptive Place Advisor; Recommendation systems2002-06-26
209 A phase likelihood-based algorithm for blind identification of PSK signalsThis paper presents a phase likelihood-based method for automatically identifying different phase-shift keying (PSK) modulations. This method identifies the PSK signals as the hypothesis for which the likelihood function of phase difference between nearby samples of the received signal is the maximu...2014-01-01
210 A picture is worth a thousand words: effects of emotional distracters on executive task performance2011-04-20
211 A population-based study of childhood cancer survivors body mass indexPopulation-based studies are needed to estimate the prevalence of underweight or overweight/obese childhood cancer survivors. Procedure. Adult survivors (diagnosed ≤20 years) were identified from the linked Utah Cancer Registry and Utah Population Database. We included survivors currently aged ≥...2014-01-01
212 A practical logic framework for verifying safety properties of executablesWe present a novel program logic, Lf , which is designed on top of a Hoare logic, but is simpler, more flexible and more scalable. Based on Lf , we develop a framework for automatically verifying safety properties of executables. It utilizes a whole-program interprocedural abstract interpretation to...2011-01-01
213 A practical workflow for making anatomical atlases for biological researchAn anatomical atlas provides a detailed map for medical and biological studies of anatomy. These atlases are important for understanding normal anatomy and the development and function of structures, and for determining the etiology of congenital abnormalities. Unfortunately, for biologists, generat...2012-01-01
214 A preliminary list of the ants of UtahThe following list of the ants of Utah was prepared from specimens and data now in the Biology Department of the University of Utah. This list is by no means complete, yet it is representative of practically all parts of the state. A few specimens in the collection date back to 1902, and all of thes...1940-11-05
215 A preliminary study on the effect of motion correction on HARDI reconstructionPost-acquisition motion correction is widely performed in diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) to guarantee voxel-wise correspondence between DWIs. Whereas this is primarily motivated to save as many scans as possible if corrupted by motion, users do not fully understand the consequences of different ty...2014-01-01
216 A primer on grant writing for foundation support for first-time grant writers in academic libraries: challenges and opportunitiesIn a majority of academic disciplines, grant writing is a skill that is often self-taught or acquired informally by trial and error. Few academic discip lines have grant writing as standard part of their curriculum at the graduate level. In the past, grant writing has received little or no emphasis...2015-09-01
217 A programmer's guide to PDP-10 eulerThis manual describes the EULER language as implemented on the DEC PDP-10 computer. EULER is a block-structured language, similar to Algol-60 but simplified by omitting type declarations and by altering the way procedures are defined and called. PDP-10 EULER includes features for list-and array-mani...EULER language1970
218 A pulse-width modulation controlled wire-mesh heater apparatus for investigation of solid fuel pyrolysisA novel wire mesh heater apparatus has been developed to study the devolatilization of solid fuels under pressurized conditions at well-controlled heating rates on the order of 1000 K/s. The apparatus combines direct current and pulse-width modulation with a fast-acting and high current-capacity re...2012-01-01
219 A quantitative study of the bottom fauna in some Utah Streams Variously Affected by ErosionFloods and cloudbursts in the Intermountain region of western United States cause considerable damage to watersheds and streams. Because of steep gradients these torrential waters remove vast quantities of debris, stones, gravel and soil from the stream beds. It follows that, with the removal of mat...1936-06
220 A real time visible surface algorithmWith the increasing use of computer graphics, a need is growing for a processor capable of displaying solid objects. Environmental simulation and architectural modeling are only two areas that would benefit from such a diplay processor. This dissertation describes an algorithm designed for such a ...Surface algorithm1970
221 A reappraisal of the geomagnetic polarity time scale to 4 MA using data from the turkana basin, East AfricaRecalibration of the Pliocene and early Pleistocene geomagnetic time scale using the K-Ar dated fluvial sequence of the Turkana Basin in East Africa agrees with calibrations based on astronomical calculations. Ages estimated here are: Olduvai Subchron, 1.78-1.96 Ma; Reunion Subchrons, 2.11-2.15 Ma ...2012
222 A relational perspective on the development of self and emotionBegin with two premises. First, psychological experience always implies a connection, a relationship: with another person, with cultural tools or language, or with the natural environment. Life is a network of relationships. Second, psychological experience is always dynamic and changing. The sim...2001
223 A relational perspective on the development of self and emotionThis work was funded in part by a grant to the author from the United States National Institute of Mental Health (MH48680 and MH57669). I am grateful to the following individuals for their comments on this chapter: Kari Applegate, Trevor Burnsed, Jacqueline Fogel, J'lene George, Ilse de Koeijer, ...2001
224 A review of "Introduction to indexing and abstracting" by Donald B. Cleveland and Ana D. ClevelandIntroduction to Indexing and Abstracting by Donald and Ana Cleveland has been used in Library and; Information Science classrooms for many years. The latest edition of this text has been updated to; include more information about the current indexing environment where many people seem to favor; onli...Indexing; Abstracting2014
225 A review of chemosensation and related behavior in aquatic insectsInsects that are secondarily adapted to aquatic environments are able to sense odors from a diverse array of sources. The antenna of these insects, as in all insects, is the main chemosensory structure and its input to the brain allows for integration of sensory information that ultimately ends in b...2011-09-13
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