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201 Utah's Economic PatternsThe first edition of Utah's Economic Patterns, published in December 1953, was distributed to social science teachers in Utah's high schools and colleges and to leaders in education and business. From these leaders have come a number of suggestions for this revised edition. The purpose of this ...1956
202 1956-57 General Catalog; University of Utah catalogue; (Catalog)1956
203 1957-58 General Catalog; University of Utah catalogue; (Catalog)1957
204 The bituminous sandstones of the Asphalt Ridge area, northeastern UtahThe bituminous sandstones in the Asphalt Ridge area represent the seepage of millions of barrels of oil. The asphalt sands herein described lie 3 to 4 miles west and south of the town of Vernal, Utah. The deposits were mentioned in an early report by Eldridge (1901), who visited the deposits but did...bitumous sandstone; Asphalt Ridge area; stratigraphy; oil; asphalt saturation1957
205 Coring and testing wells Asphalt Ridge, UtahA second well was cored and some injection and production tests were made using this well and the well that already existed on Gulf's Palmer lease at Asphalt Ridge, Utah. The formation that has been tested is the Duchesne River, which is more lenticular and erratic than the Mesa Verde which contains...1957-10-21
206 1958-59 General Catalog; University of Utah catalogue; (Catalog)1958
207 Sulphur isotope abundances in petroleum and associated materialsA study has been made of the sulphur isotope ratios for petroleum from many different oil fields in the United States and Canada. The S34/S32 ratio for petroleum varies by about 4.5 per cent as compared with a total spread of about 9 per cent for terrestrial sulphur. The single large oil pools appea...sulphur isotope; petroleum; isotopes of sulphur; sulphur isotope abundances; treatment of oil samples1958-11
208 1959-60 General Catalog; University of Utah catalogue; (Catalog)1959
209 Engineering prospects of a field test thermal recovery of oil from tar sands Asphalt Ridge, Uintah County, UtahIn late 1956 Sohio acquired certain interests in tar sand deposits at Asphalt Ridge a few miles west of Vernal, Utah. During 1957 and 1953 we conducted an extensive coring program to evaluate those shallower areas most susceptible to mining and air injection tests to evaluate those deeper areas most...tar sand deposits; thermal recovery methods; tar sand; oil field; Asphalt Ridge1959-04-25
210 1960-61 General Catalog; University of Utah catalogue; (Catalog)1960
211 Report on the Utah rock Asphalt property, Sunnyside bituminous sandstone deposit, Carbon County, UtahThe bituminous sandstone deposits near Sunnysida, Utah, are the largest known deposits of this material in the United States. They offer the basis for a large scale operation designed to produce petroleum products and petro chemicals. The deposits are situated near the top of the Book Cliffs, a sout...Utah rock Asphalt property; Sunnyside deposit; bituminous sandstone; separation and utilization of biumen from sandstone1960-01-30
212 Occurrence, properties, and uses of some natural bitumensIn this report, the Federal Bureau of Mines presents a summary of the occurrence, properties, and uses of some natural bitumens, using the layman's or dictionary definition of bitumens - that is, naturally occurring hydrocarbons. Emphasis is on the less common solid and semisolid bitumens, particula...Natural bitumens; Hydrocarbon; Cannel coals; Torbanites1961
213 1961-62 General Catalog; University of Utah catalogue; (Catalog)1961-04-30
214 GilsoniteGlisonite is a black, pitch-like substance which occurs in pure form in large veins in the Tertiary sediments of the Uinta Basin. It is a homogenous petroleum substance (technically it is a predominently aromatic asphaltite) which fuses relatively easily and burns like tar. Glisonite is brittle and ...glisonite; bitumen; asphalt-based petroleum; glisonite ore1961-06
215 Estimate of total, oil in place White Rocks Oil Properties Uintah county, UtahWestern Industries, Inc., is engaged in a project with the ultimate objective of recovering petroleum products from the "heavy oil" or "tar" bearing Navajo sandstone formation which is found at or near the surface on certain properties which they have acquired in Uintah County, Utah. Work on this pr...oil; petroleum recovery; heavy oil; tar; oil reserves; White Rocks Oil properties1961-12-09
216 1962-63 General Catalog; University of Utah catalogue; (Catalog)1962-04-30
217 Employment and population analysis and projections Salt Lake Metropolitan Area, Utah and the United StatesThomas A. McLean and Mrs. Connie P. Faulkner, graduate students in the Department of Economics, rendered very valuable assistance in the preparation of this report. The Utah Department of Employment Security was most cooperative and helpful in making available the necessary basic data for this stud...1962-09
218 Bituminous sandstone and limestone deposits of UtahThe significant bituminous sandstone and bituminous Limestone deposits of Utah are located within, or on the edges of, the Uinta Basin. They are all located within the boundaries of Carbon, Duchesne, and Uintah Counties. The Sunnyside deposits in Carbon County contain the greatest reserves of bitumi...1963
219 Road log no. 2Road Log NO. 2 1.1 St. George, Utah, To Cedar City, Utah, Via Zion National Park and Cedar Breaks National Monument (216.9 Miles).road log; geology of southwestern Utah1963
220 Salient features of the bituminous sandstone occurrence near Sunnyside, Carbon County, Utahbituminous sandstone; Sunnyside1963
221 1963-64 General Catalog; University of Utah catalogue; (Catalog)1963
222 Composition and origin of the Uinta Basin bitumensThe names of the three formations of interest, from oldest to youngest, the Wasatch, Green River, and Uinta, have been used largely as facies terms to differentiate sediments which were believed to be of different age but actually were deposited simultaneously. The Wasatch is predominantly fluviatil...1963-01
223 Green River oil shale potential in UtahThe Green River formation of Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming contains the greatest potential reserves of oil in the world. The problem has been that of finding an economical method of extraction. The first economic study of the oil shale in Utah started in 1913 (Woodruff and Day, 1914). Since that time ...Green River oil shale; oil shale potential; oil shale; Green River formation; oil reserves; oil shale extraction1963-01
224 Gilsonite and other bituminous resources of central Uintah County, UtahCentral Uintah County, located in northeastern Utah, lies in the Uinta Basin and is underlain by relatively undisturbed Tertiary lacustrine and fluviatile sediments. The area (shown in Figure 63) discussed in this chapter contains all of the known gilsonite veins in the western United States and is ...glisonite; bituminous resources; bituminous deposits; oil shale; tar sands; gas; oil; bituminous sandstones1963-01
225 Employment and population analysis and projections Ogden Metropolitan Area, Utah and the United StatesThomas A. McLean and M r s . Connie P„ F a u l k n e r , graduate s t u d e n t s , and David L . Sutton, a senior student, in the Department of Economics, r e n d e r e d very valuable a s s i s t a n c e in the p r e p a r a t i o n of this r e p o r t. The Utah Department of Employment Se...1963-07
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